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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 08, 2017

How’s S-272 Feeling Today?

Carina Spiro, C-watch, Bowdoin College

Ocean Exploration

Stoked for first field day!

Ship's Log

Noon Position
42° 43. 0’ S x 168° 28.0’ W

Ship Heading

6 knots


Weather & Sail Plan
Motor sailing under the main stays’l, wind SSW force 3, 15ft seas, Stratus and Cumulus clouds

Souls on Board

As I’m sure won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me, I’ve spent the few spare moments of the trip so far reading a book about math for fun (thanks dad!). Several unsuspecting shipmates, upon lightheartedly making fun of me or questioning what I was reading, have found themselves subjected to a longer than expected (or desired) conversation about statistics. So I thought I’d try and wrangle up some statistics about how people on the ship are feeling today. That, at least, was my idea. Turns out my shipmates are far too creative and eloquent for me to try and characterize their words, so here they are, with their responses to the question “What’s one word to describe how you feel today?”

Turi was feeling serene and Sarah was content, while Kurt was fired up and Allison and Sammi were both energetic. Ed, as expected, was feeling science-y, Diane was rambunctious as always, Jana was cheerful, and Jacquelyn was feeling rather enlightened. Romina, on the other hand, was feeling salty, and surely would be sympathetic to Scott feeling grimy. Lily was surprised, although she wasn’t quite sure why, and Anna was feeling pretty spacey. Lots of people were celebrating the relative calm after days of stormy, windy weather; Take was stable, Spencer was solid, Abigael was calm, and Marcia was feeling objectively better. In the galley, Lauren was rested and Angel was relaxed, while in the aft cabin Chuck was back-in-business and Jay was rejuvenated.  In the engine room, Savio felt useful, while Nate was perplexed by a leaky pipe. Despite the overwhelming amount of delicious food, Liz was still hungry, but Ross felt huge anticipation for the delicious meal ahead. Channeling her inner cat, Sophia felt “mrow.”

People were clearly excited about our first-ever field day, where the entire ship spent three hours scrubbing and cleaning out every nook and cranny in search of “mung.” Helen was stoked about it, Erin felt inspired, Megan felt alive, and Talia was music-y to celebrate being allowed to listen to music for the first time while we cleaned. And as for me? I felt busy, but in the best of ways. I got to do a surface station for science at midnight last night, spent a lot of time at the helm today, took joy in finding the dustiest corners to clean, and exhausted myself trying to chase down everyone and figure out how they were all feeling.

There’s certainly always a lot happening on this ship, and I think we’re all feeling optimistic and hopeful, and maybe a little bit less tired, as we come off of some stormy days and sail eastward in our sparkly-clean ship.

- Carina

P.S. Shout out to all the tech-savvy grandparents out there reading this blog and following along on our adventure (especially mine- love you lots!!!)

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#1. Posted by Marjorie Spiro on April 10, 2017

Dear Carina ,Great blog.We enjoy following your exciting journey every day and we thank you for mentioning the grandparents fondly.We love you very much and smooth sailing to you and all the crew.Love Grandma Margie and Grandpa Al.



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