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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 05, 2017

Hove to on a Port Tack, All Day Long

Allison Taylor, B Watch, 2nd Mate

Ocean Exploration

Snow Day in the Salon - clockwise from left: Sammi, Kurt, Turi, Jacquelyn, Sarah, Anna, Liz

Ship's Log

Noon Position
44° 02.1’S x 172° 52’W

Description of location
140nm E of Chatham Islands

drifting 185°T

2 kts to leeward

Weather/Wind/Sail Plan
Hove to on a port tack under stays’ls, wind NE’ly force 8, overcast with occasional rain

Sighted one albatross this morning, and at least one storm petrel

Souls on Board

The second Wednesday April 5th has been quite different from the first one. We have been sitting hove to on a port tack all day - essentially stopped but drifting downwind, beam to the wind and sea.  We've been in this configuration since about 2200 last night, waiting for a more favorable wind (and maybe a little less of it). B Watch had the morning watch today and we continued the normal routines of the ship underway, of course, and filled the little downtime with learning about the weather and how to read forecast maps. With no specimen collection since yesterday morning, there was not much to do in the lab either besides their routines and some work on their Creature Features (more on that later).

We just want to sail and do science!

It was a bit like a snow day off watch, or maybe more like the third snow day in a row, as we all didn't really know what to do with ourselves below deck.  Otherwise it's nothing at all the same because our house is moving - the boat rolls every couple minutes, but everyone has come to accept this as normal; we have adapted to the chaos! There's been plenty of activity in the Salon, regardless of the tipping tables - reading, cards and board games, hair-braiding, guitar-playing, singing, celestial navigation calculating, and perhaps other things that I missed while I was napping this afternoon.

Regardless of how we spend our time, the weather has control of us and we must wait. The wind is forecast to back to west of north, and then we can more comfortably go east with the wind on the quarter (i.e. between the beam and astern).  Until then we have tried to make the most of our time here together, learning as much as we can and enjoying the company of one another (and the food!).

Hello again, Mom and Dad!  And happy early birthday, John Boy!

- Allison

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#1. Posted by Susan Pieters on April 06, 2017

Love the tables!

#2. Posted by Lynn Owens on April 06, 2017

Hi to Anna and all her buddies on the tipsy-turvy Robert C. Seamans… so much fun to see an “action” photo and it looks like your horseback riding skills are proving useful as well! Take care and may you find some smoother sailing soon!
hugs, mom



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