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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween from S-255

Lauren Korth, A Watch, UC Santa Cruz


Above: Everyone dressed up for Halloween on the quarter deck (thanks Laura Cooney for taking the picture!) Below: More of A watch on the headrig. From left to right, myself, LP, Laura Cooney, Holly, Rebeca, Hugh, Kate, Bryn

Ship's Log

Current Position
28° 52.3’S x 174° 42.0’E

Course and Speed
190, 6kts

Sail Plan
Forestays’l and mainstays’l

Clear Skies and beautiful stars!

Happy Halloween from Class S-255 aboard the Seamans! Today was another beautiful day out in the middle of the Pacific. Although it’s sometimes hard to remember that it’s Fall back home, the festivities today were a great reminder! For my watch, we basically had two mornings. Morning #1 started for us at 3am and finished with some lovely Breakfast Boo-ritos made by our Steward and Assistant Steward for the day (Hugh Mackay). After, I crawled into my bunk and attempted to get some work done… but sadly I ended up fast asleep like the rest of my watch. But we all rose from the dead around lunch time for our morning #2— just in time for some yummy Spookadillo (Rebeca’s recipe) and rice. Although this was morning #2, it was still morning, and let’s just say I’m not the biggest fan of mornings. So there I was, just rolled out of my bunk, basically zombie walked to the salon (a whole 10 feet), and sat down at a nice empty table. But then, the strangest thing happened.

A mustachioed engineer (Ben Ahlvin) sat down on the bench across from me and simply said “I have a question for you”.  My confusion was off the charts: “What does he want? It sure can’t be an engineering question. It’s too early for questions. Etc. ” However, then it was all clear. The mustachioed engineer asked, “Do you know the Thriller dance?” and I simply replied, “Yes”.

Turns out, the engineers were again to be our class time mediators today and were looking to add a little Halloween dance sequence to their variety show. Thus began a quite glorious day. Dance being a large part of my life back home and Michael Jackson being one of the best, I was more than happy to go rewatch the Thriller music video on my computer and head to the engineering space for our secret shenanigans. It worked out perfectly, I had decided to dress up in 80s jazzercise attire (using the lovely neon 80s pro volleyball jacket mentioned in the last blog post), the engineers had white gloves (more notably known to help with changing light bulbs), and the music was surround sound. The engineering space used to be one of my least favorite places on the ship, but as I found myself there today with two of the funniest crew members aboard, listening to MJ’s Thriller, I couldn’t have loved it more.


Later was show time—I mean class time. It started off with our very own Hugh, dressed as Captain Jason, saying the announcements. Let’s just say, he did a fantastic impersonation. To the point where I don’t think anyone was left not smiling—even the Captain! Later, the engineers, some eager shipmates, and myself all did a little bit of Thriller before we got into our daily weather, navigation and science reports. After class was party time on the quarterdeck! There was music, a hanging corn muffin eating contest, and a costume contest. To top it off, we had some oh-so-delicious pass-o-guava juice, and decorate-your-own cookies made by our superb deckhand, LP!

All in all it was a great day, and in fact, the past few days have been amazing. Spending a longer amount of time at sea without port stops has definitely been a new experience, but I think the greatest part has been seeing how much everyone has changed. We’ve all, in one way or another, become different people. For the most part we seem like the same people. Yet the truth is that none of us knew how to take care of this ship when we got here, and now some many things feel second nature. We’re climbing to new heights each week (literally with going aloft)! Even our heavily dietary restricted (gluten free, vegan, etc) Sarah was dressed as a hot dog today. Big changes are afoot ladies and gentleman, just you wait until your little sailors are home!

Since it’s a holiday, I’d love to fill you in on each person aboard, so if you were wondering what your family member or friend was dressed up as today…

Yaz: Copepod [costume contest winner], Rebeca: Vellela Vellela, Val: Batty Bat lady, Lauren Speare: Shark Attacked Diver, Susanna: Sharknado, Sarah: Hot Dog, Hatesa: Zombie Hippie, Ray: Loki, Bryn: A Frayed Knot (afraid not?), Laura Cooney: Prom Queen Runner Up, Kate: Rat King, Michaella: Rat Kinglet, Kristen: Rat Kinglet, Ben: Indian Prince (aka Raj), Dusty: Robin, Hugh: Captain Jason, Monica Chow: Julia (our Scientist), Colin: Ed (our other scientist), Katherine: “you guys made me ink” Octopus, Rocky: Rocktilla of the Reptillian Tribe of the Planet Zenar, Winton: Lobster Boy, Capt. Jason: Member of the S.E.A. Yacht Club, Julia: Kung Fu Panda, Ed: Squid(ward?), Moohono: Obi Wan Kenobi, William: Fancy Ghost, LP: Life Aquatic Intern, Sayzie: A Work in Progress, Jan: A Dictator, Mara: a Scary Pirate, Cristina: A Banana, Cassie: Cass Flash, Shenandoah: A Peacock, Holly: A Party Animal, and Korth (me): 80s jazzercise person!

- Lauren

P.S. Sending much aloha to you mom, my cold is going away and it went well the other night at sunset—even spread some salties. Love you to infinity, Dad. Also, I love and miss you Mark, Rox, and all my family and friends that have been so supportive with everything! Did you do the Time Warp again Sweeties?

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