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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

December 02, 2015

Half Way

Griffin Harris, Amherst College

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

The Pacific Ocean. She is Pacific and she is ocean.

Ship's Log

32° 33.0’S x 174° 4.6’E

About 50 Nautical Miles NNE of Whangaroa


4.5 Knots

691.7 Nautical Miles

Winds NNE at a 4 on the Beaufort Scale, Cloud Cover 5/8 Cumulus, 21.0 degrees

Sail Plan
Sailing under the four lowers with a single reef in the main


Souls on Board

As we approach our trip's midpoint, I hope none object
To a very short poem, to help me reflect
And it is a bit cheesy, I know and suppose,
But between my five research papers, I am tired of prose
So without more delay, I will now speak to you
About our own Mama Seamans, and her thirty-three crew:

Of the ways in which we've been changed, there's really no telling
We're now sharper, and saltier, and rather worse smelling
And we've built lots of character through thorough sole cleanings
Our brains have been crammed with new words and new meanings
Like actors we've had lines to recall and repeat
And now we can tell gantline from clewl'n from sheet.

We've seen the Pacific Ocean dressed in many a hue,
Azure, aqua, cerulean or just plain deep blue
We've accomplished much research and we have few regrets
About the thousands of salps that have filled up our nets
On Thanksgiving Day, each of us put on our least dirty shirt
Then proceeded to eat pie until every breath hurt

And about some things I feel guilty, I do not deny
Our ship's eaten all New Zealand's Tim Tam  supply
Of course it hasn't been all Tim Tams, or all sailing with ease
Our track's first three days were all wracked by high seas
And you, my many readers, I will now confide in,
A good portion of us ended up feeding Poseidon ,

But what's an adventure without some whether or thunder?
(Or, for that matter, without a good sea-sickness chunder?)

But the bad times are no doubt outweighed by the good
Before departing our homes, I know we all understood
That though ahead lay a fair bit of challenge and strife
We were in for adventure, the time of our life
Now out here in the big blue, we're nearly half done
At least according to the calendar, and our last rumb run

Yet in this fact I take solice; of this fact I know
We've still got nautical miles and miles to go

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