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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

July 28, 2019

Goodbye, Orona!

Michelle Simoni, Seattle University

Ship's Log

Souls on Board

We officially left Orona! Orona was a fun time as there are all the crazy snorkeling stories from the others. I was able to see coral and sea creatures that I have never seen before and it is amazing. I am really grateful with this experience as life on the boat has challenged me and helped me grow. Getting back on the crazy sea schedule was a bit rough but once I was used to it, I was ready for sail handling and science. 

We are now in the shadow phase of deck hands which is pretty fun. In shadow phase we are given more responsibility on jobs that must be done on the ship. Now having a better understanding of the ship also comes with learning a new skill! Today in class we started learning celestial navigation, which is a lot more challenging than I thought. It is an exciting skill to learn and I am looking forward to practicing celestial navigation in the future.

I'm so grateful for this trip as it is in an area most will never see. I love this trip and am excited for our next destination which is Winslow reef! The reef is in the middle of the ocean where there is a shallow spot for coral to grow. I was told we can't snorkel in the water as
it is a bit shark-y but I hope we will be able to see some sharks from the boat when we sail by. The amount of sharks I have seen on this trip is amazing already. Miss my fam make sure to pet cloud and lizzy for me. See you all soon with crazy stories and amazing pictures and videos to show you.

- Michelle

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#1. Posted by Carmen Norman on August 02, 2019

Dearest Shell:

You “sound” in awe of the trip.  I wish only that, I could usurp a nano second of your memories which seem to have, forever, imprinted in you. Definitely, a life changing experience!

Remember to stay in the moment and, what a moment you guys are experiencing!

As for Cloud, Believe me when I tell you that if we were to “pet” her any more…. as it is she thinks we exist to carry her around.

Keep us all in your heart while we count the days until
we see you again.

Forever love CLOUD&CN;.

#2. Posted by Adrienne on August 02, 2019

Hi Michelle loved to read what you wrote. Miss you see you soon Love Mom

#3. Posted by James V Simoni on August 06, 2019

Hi hon,
Just made some travel arrangements booked a flight for a return for us from Sydney on September 10th. When you get off the ship I will let you know the itinerary I planned out. Looking for accommodations now.
Miss you much. Feels good to read your comments. 
I am petting Lizzy every night.
Celestial navigation must really be exciting.I can hardly wait to learn some of the principles from you.
Take care
Love you



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