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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

June 13, 2016

Galley News

Lauren Heinen, Ship Steward

Pacific Reef Expedition

CJ rolling some cinnamon rolls for breakfast

Ship's Log

Galley Plan
one oven at 350° F, two burners on high

Leftovers, or, all your favorites, revisited

Status of Ship’s Company
full after cheesecake for afternoon snack, hopefully not hungry for another two hours, but you never know

Very hot and sweaty in the galley.  Who knows what’s happening on deck.

Souls on Board

Hello all.  Lauren the steward here. I left dinner prep in Siobhan's competent hands to come tell the outside world not to worry, we are all eating more than we should. If by some bad luck or oversleeping accident you miss a meal, never fear, the next one is only 3 hours away.

Everyday a different student gets to spend the whole day with me in the galley, chopping veggies and baking cookies and keeping the crew happy. They've brought some interesting ideas to the table, and a few things that I liked so much that I'll make for the next crew and continue the legacy of S-267 good eats.  Most notably are the mayonnaise biscuits (I had my doubts too!), the cherry pie bars (what a good use of cherry pie filling!), and the sweetened condensed milk filled chocolate cookie bars.  WOW.  

Don't worry, we do eat more than just baked goods onboard, even though fresh provisions are starting to stretch a little thin. One of the school groups that toured our boat in Kiritimati gifted us 30 fresh coconuts, and we chopped them up after a very sweaty but productive field day yesterday and drank the goodness that is fresh coconut water.  Thank you SPIVY school! Time to jump in and serve dinner, thanks for reading!

Peace and chicken grease,

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#1. Posted by Carole Ertel on June 15, 2016

Thanks Lauren for feeding our kids do well over the past few weeks!  Many of the blogs have touched on your expert culinary skills ... even my own daughter said she didn’t miss my cooking haha

#2. Posted by Sarah Sevilla on June 16, 2016

Thank you so much for feeding, not only their stomachs, but their souls and spirits..



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