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July 11, 2019

Full day of fun

Kristina Wang & Elisabeth Sellinger, Lexington High School & CU Boulder

SEA Semester

Above: Dr. Harden showing water densities; below: All of the trash collected in 45 minutes of beach clean up.

After a few days of all-day field trips, we went back to our normal schedule of two classes, each an hour and a half in the morning. Dr. Ben Harden, an assistant professor, came in as a guest speaker and taught us about the effect of climate change on the currents in the ocean in our Oceanography class. He explained to us the importance of physical geography, and we experimented with the behavior of two water masses of different densities. We made it through our two classes with the help of popcorn and seasoned salt.

After that, we had an Oceans and Society class about the arctic. We reflected on the environmental impacts climate change is having on not only the marine life in the arctic but also the native people that live there. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the Inupiat people, we played a video game called Never Alone and discussed how it showed the impacts first hand.

Then we had lunch and headed to WHOI (Wood Hole Oceanographic Institute) and learned about sediment core sampling. The core samples, which were taken from all over the world, were stored in refrigerated warehouses. When being studied, they would be taken to the lab and each sediment layer would be X-rated and studied so that the scientists would be able to better understand when and how hurricanes formed.

Afterwards, we walked down to the beach to take samples in our oceanography groups. This was our last time sampling, and soon we will complete a project reflecting and analyzing our discoveries. Each group collected different data. For example, my group (Kristina), human impacts, collected and recorded all the trash found at the beach. For free time half stayed at the beach, and half went back to campus. I stayed (Elisabeth) at the beach and it was perfect weather, definitely the best choice.

For dinner we had big bowls of chili and then proceeded to watch a film about ocean gyres. Study hall followed, where I (Elisabeth) centrifuged and analyzed chlorophyll A that we collected at our sampling locations for chemical oceanography. It was very cool! After story time where a quality Eric Carle book was read, we got ready for bed. Ready for tomorrow!! smile

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