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Current position of the SSV Robert C. Seamans. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the tools, top right, to change the map style or view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 23, 2017

First Rain

Yage Wang, C Watch, Brandeis University

Take a picture, it lasts longer than that smile.

Ship's Log

27°42.6’N x 077°58.4’W

Description of Location
Riding out the storm just north of the Bahamas

Hove to

Steady rain, winds SE 20-30 knots

Souls on Board

今天可能是在克雷姆(Cramer,船名)上最不平稳的一天了。凌晨的岗位(1:00-7:00)一直在用引擎来帮助前行。当我们上午的岗位(7:00-13:00)快结束 时,天空下起了小雨。我换下班来,吃完了美味的午餐,chili 和corn bread (各种 豆子做的汤和玉米面包),立刻钻进了我的床上,享受我凌晨岗位前的12个小时。

三个小时的睡眠之后,我躺在床上,听着船乘风破浪的声音。雨水断断续续地 洒在甲板上;海浪有节奏的推揉着船身,伴随着摇篮般的晃动;不知从哪里来的水滴,水流声也夹杂在这里面。克雷姆号发出绳索敲打钢铁的声音,伴随着测量海底深浅的

晚餐时,克雷姆号上的永远保持水平的桌子充分发挥了用场,然而我却要扶着 其他船员的肩膀进出餐桌。看了一眼公告我才意识到原来整个甲板都被限制了,我们需 要让站岗的船员知道才可以上下进出。进入下一班岗位的船员在晚饭后立刻开始准备上 岗,他们穿上了一身的防雨服和雨靴。这时我才意识到外面天气的不佳,我等不及出去 站岗了!

甲板下的生活好像是在坐一个非常缓慢柔和的过山车。我在仍然有一点儿晕船 的情况下,完成了这个短短的博客。

还有我想用这个机会告诉我亲爱的爸爸妈妈,我在船上非常非常得好,一切都 是那么的独特和美好。你们一定不要担心我,你们自己要注意好身体,每天开开心心!


Today might be the least stable day for the Cramer so far. Dawn watch was spent sailing with the help of the engine. At around the end of our morning watch, it started drizzling. After we were relieved and had delicious chili and corn bread for lunch, I immediately squeezed into my bunk and started enjoying my 12 hours off before dawn watch at 1am.

After three hours of sleep, I was lying in bed, listening to the Cramer sailing through the ocean. The rain periodically splashed the deck; pushed by the waves, the Cramer was moving like a cradle; some dripping and flowing sounds also sneaked into this melody. Playing with the sound of ropes hitting metals was this bird-like sound the Chirp instrument makes while it examines the depth of the ocean floor.

During dinner, the gimbaled tables showed their full potential. Yet, I had to hold other shipmates’ shoulders to get in and out of my seat. The deck was restricted and we had to get permission from the watch officer to go on deck. The next watch was getting ready and putting on their foul weather gear and rain boots. This was when I realized the exciting weather outside. I couldn’t wait for my dawn watch to start.

Life below deck today was like riding a slow and gentle roller coaster. Still a little seasick, I managed to write this short piece of blog entry.


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