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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 09, 2019

First part soon to be over

Embla Uleberg, B Watch, Norwegian University of Life Sciences


Embla and Noah in lab discuss their pteropod project.

Ship's Log

Noon Position
38o55.96’S x 175o15.0’W

330 miles east of NZ



Souls on board

We are going into our second week here on the Seamans since we left Lyttelton. But it feels like we have been here for months! I have learned so much and been tested in various ways already. The first days was really tough. Because of the harsh weather that was constant rocking boat, but also getting used to the schedule of getting up in different times of the day and night and the changing of watch hours. Even though I have become used to most of it, I still think it is hard to move around or sleep when the waves are at their highest.

We had a very windy day yesterday, so we were "hoved to" (not moving) for about 24 hours because of the strong wind from the SW. But this afternoon, the wind stopped, the sun came out and we did some science! What a great day! We started for real on our own science projects, so Noah and I got to look at some pteropods (sea snails) we caught, for the first time in the microscope.  It's very difficult to be working with the microscope when there is a lot of movement on the ship, but with patience, we can do this.

I was also assigned to galley today. That means that I got to help out making lunch, and also decide lunch. Something that I miss from Norway, food-wise, is wholegrain bread. So I asked the steward to make some rye and seed bread, with creamy cauliflower soup. It was so good and it felt like home for a moment. 

Jeg savner dere veldig mye pappa, mamma, Leah, Victoria, Diako og Ask (selv om han ikke er der lenger naar jeg kommer hjem). Haaper dere har det bra. Tenker mye paa dere og gleder meg til aa se dere naar jeg kommer hjem.

- Embla Uleberg, B Watch

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#1. Posted by Diako on April 11, 2019

Hey Embla

Great hearing from you! You guys rock, really looking to hear all the stories. Enjoy the adventure, and looking forward to have you back home

#2. Posted by Diako on April 11, 2019

Hey Embla

Great hearing from you! You guys rock, really looking to hear all the stories. Enjoy the adventure, and looking forward to have you back home
Love from Diako

#3. Posted by Peter Allen on April 11, 2019

Hey, you are at Latitude 38! (But in the other hemisphere.) How windy does it have to get for you to need to heave to?

#4. Posted by Mari on April 12, 2019

So great to read what you are doing on this expedition. I will follow you the rest of your journey.

Big hug to you Embla!


#5. Posted by Stéphane on April 12, 2019


It must be very difficult to make soup - and eat it - when everything moves! And examine when the snails slide around in the microscope!

Stéphane, mother of Embla

#6. Posted by Bestefar on April 21, 2019

Hi Embla this is Your grandfather. I hope you are having a great yourney! Love from Bestefar

#7. Posted by Ole Martin on April 22, 2019

HI Embla. Exciting to follow you on the journey. Take care. All the best to you all. OleMa

#8. Posted by Olav Elvemo on April 29, 2019

Hi Embla!
Hope you have good days and learn a lot. At least I want to go on adventures when I look at the website. Enjoy the days and take care Embla.
Greeting Olav

#9. Posted by Kåre on May 03, 2019

I just arrived to spend the weekend with your mom. We are looking at this site and Stéphane is so proud og you! I am very very immpressed of your guts, patience and curiousity! Reading your log are almost making us seasick. What a journey your guys have done together!

Big hug from Kåre



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