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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 05, 2018

First Land in Days, Last Land for Weeks

Will Lounsbery-Scaife, B Watch, New York University


Olivia is excited for land.

Ship's Log

Current Position
43°56.8’ S x 176°33.6’ W - Waitangi, Chatham Islands

Ship’s Heading & Speed

Sail Plan
All Harbor Furled

Clear skies with strong winds from the Southwest

Souls on board

After five days of sailing, we have reached the Chatham Islands! We will be staying here for about two days. Tomorrow morning, most of the crew and all of the students will be leaving the ship and taking a tour of the main island. Not many people live here, but the islands are beautiful: sharp volcanic rocks covered in grass, patches of small trees, and unique birds.

There is a species of albatross-the Chatham albatross-that only nests on one specific rock in the Chatham Islands. Currently, Chatham albatross chicks are fledging at a newly-established breeding colony as part of a conservation project, and we hope to see some fledgling chicks tomorrow during our island tour before they (and we) head out to sea.

Now that the Seamans is securely attached to a dock, it actually feels sort of strange to be standing on a deck that isn't constantly rocking back and forth. The "sea legs" that we have been forced to develop over the past five days are (temporarily) unnecessary. But it will be nice to walk on solid ground tomorrow. Of all the things that people have said about our upcoming time on the Chathams, the thing that stands out to me the most is Maggie saying that she is just excited to be able to... run. Before she said that, I hadn't even realized that none of us have had the chance to run carelessly, or at all, since we first stepped on to the Seamans.

For most (maybe all?) of the students on board the Seamans, five days was the longest we had gone without seeing land. But once we leave the Chathams, we will have to wait about three weeks until our next port stop, in Raiatea. While I am confident that we can do it, not seeing land for three weeks is still a daunting prospect. Over twenty days of our six-hours-on, twelve-hours-off schedule will certainly be challenging and exhausting, but I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that I am incredibly excited to spend the next few weeks sailing across the open ocean.

Big shout out to my family, especially you, mom and dad! And another shout out to Pieter and Eddie, if either of you ever bothered to look up the ship's blog. I can't wait to come home and tell you all about my time here. I promise that you will all be sick of my stories of the ship, Tahiti, and New Zealand by the time I finally shut up.

- Will Lounsbery-Scaife, B Watch, New York University

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#1. Posted by Alice Cronin-Golomb on April 06, 2018

Great to read your blogs.  I especially liked today’s because there was a photo of Olivia alive and well and apparently enjoying herself immensely!  Have a good time on land and then for the rest of the sea voyage!

Alice C-G (Olivia’s mom)

#2. Posted by Allan MacGibbon on April 07, 2018

Thanks for allowing us to come aboard while you were in the “Chats”. And thanks for your work in helping us to better understand climate change. Well done to the Foundation and all the best in your ocean adventure and future careers.

#3. Posted by Pieter and Eddie on April 10, 2018


The stick has been smacked

P.S. We looked up the chatham islands it looks really dope. Eddie hopes you get pics of the albatrossi (? lmao). He loves em. Please be safe lol smile




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