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Current position of the SSV Robert C. Seamans. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the tools, top right, to change the map style or view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

November 05, 2014

Final Day of Sailing

Holly Moynahan, A Watch, Colorado College


Above: Final cruise track for S-255. Below, top: On the final big field day, all manner of pots and pans are scrubbed clean on deck before being returned sparkling to the galley below. Below, bottom: From left to right: Laura and Kate snap photos of a gorgeous day at sea while Rebeca stands watch on the bow.

Ship's Log

Current Position
35° 50.0’ S x 174°55.5’ E (aka SUPER close to NEW ZEALAND!)

Course and Speed
160°, 4.6 knots, 1000 RPMs

Sail Plan
Motor Sailing under stays’ls and double reefed main

Breezy, Chilly, and kind of Squall-y

Today was both another day of sailing, and the last day of sailing (gasp!). We arrive in Auckland tomorrow morning at 9 am-a bitter sweet thing to think about for us all. As a result, many of my comrades and I have been reflecting quite a bit about our trip and all the incredible experiences, memories, and relationships we have made-especially the relationships we have built with each other, each island, the ship, and ourselves.

Those last two are a really big one for most of us, I’d say. Running the Seamans and keeping her intact and pristine is like running a living machine, almost like we are making her come to life to become the very organism she truly is. She is our moving planet, sure, that gently bobs above a mountain’s height of water beneath her hull more often than not, but she also has a beating pulse that drives us all to sync up with her clock for better or for worse.


Each watch is the rotating blood in her veins. We scrub the inside of her organs for every DC and Field day*, we lubricate her thirsty pipes with saltwater for the water makers, and we pulsate her big, beautiful sail lungs-each time in awe of the majestic white cloth breaths that help move us along with alacrity.

And most importantly, she is an image of ourselves. I now feel my body so in sync with hers that I wake up for all watches, regardless of whether it is time for my watch or not. I do boat checks upon my own skin and bones-at night, after a long day, I check in with every limb, every piece of sun burnt skin, aching muscles, sore bruises-all to make sure that I am operating smoothly in order to support the ship. Life aboard a tall ship seems to do that: we are constantly evaluating our space, as a living entity, among the greater organism; like cells within a body, we hum and drum along, keeping everything in place and running smoothly as it should, bouncing off each other along the way.

So when I stood up on the helm* one last time during afternoon watch as the sun set behind a silhouette of New Zealand mountains off in the distance, I pondered how the Seamans will follow me in life. Her thumb print, unique like all human thumb prints are to each other, will always linger on me. I will forever appreciate the bright shadow she may leave behind on us all, and am grateful for the experiences, memories, and relationships we have built with each other, each island, the ship, and ourselves.

{Shout out to mom, dad, Sean, the dogs, and all my friends. I miss you all!}

*DC = Daily Cleanup. Involves cleaning soles (floors), cleaning heads (toilets), cleaning showers, and tidying up, among other things.
*Field Day = Big clean up where we clean essentially everything-including using devices like tooth brushes to get the really difficult corner spots.
*Helm = Steering wheel. Means I was steering the boat.

- Holly


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