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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

July 24, 2015

Field Trip in Woods Hole

Kerry Bowe & Natalie Brown, Reading Memorial High School & Ridley College

SEA Semester

Above: Girls in Coast Guard boat (Eve, Bettina, Charlotte and Avery). Below: Touch Tank: Annie and Sacha get hands on experience at the MBL touch tanks with a horseshoe crab

Ship's Log

Faculty & Staff

After a filling meal of cereal, we sat through our morning lectures of marine mammals and fisheries history. Stuffing our faces with macaroni and cheese, we rushed to put on sunscreen and cram into the vans as we embarked for the Coast Guard station. After arriving at the base we anxiously anticipated the arrival of Carl, our maritime history and culture teacher. Surprisingly, the Coast Guard members were laid back and welcomed all of our questions.

We were given a tour of their ping pong table room and spoke to the man who listened to the radio traffic. Many dramatic stories, boat tours, and questions later, we left to visit the Marine Biological Lab in Woods Hole. Two of the MBL scientists gave us a tour of the facilities as we visited a mussel farm hatchery and the touch tanks located downstairs. We were able to pet a skate and smooth dogfish sharks. We ended the tour by throwing squid into the harbor for the awaiting striped bass.

The crew then broke off to visit the shops in Woods Hole for their remaining time there. Returning to campus, we indulged ourselves on tacos and played an intense game of Jeopardy.

- Kerry & Natalie

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#1. Posted by Heather Coble on July 27, 2015

Love the updates.



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