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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

May 03, 2019

Farewell Robert C. Seamens

Allyson Nestler, C Watch, Warren Wilson College

Ship's Log

Pape’ete, Tahiti

Somewhere to the heart of Tahiti

Souls on board

Well, it's been a journey.  To top off the end of the trip we put together a "Swizzle" which is a sailors party.not what you all are probably thinking.

We had fruit juice and lots of sore cheeks.  The greatest hit of the night was an act put together by the chief scientist, visiting scientist, and the two engineers.  The scientists were the puppets to the two engineers while reenacting how one gets ready for dawn watch.  To give some perspective just have somebody else try to brush your teeth for you.

It's very surreal slowly coming to the end of this trip, literally docked and looking into the heart of Tahiti with Moreea gleaming behind us.  In just 12 hours this place aboard the Robert C Seamans (the good ship
lollipop) and everything we have built here for the past 5 weeks, will be behind us.  It's a double edged sword, on one hand most of us are very excited to see land (for beer, a steady stomach, fresh fruit, etc) and on the other hand I think we all have built such an amazing community that has really imbibed in this opportunity, it is really hard to think of being elsewhere.  We will be set out into the world like before, but this time will have a mechanical urge to follow people around and repeat commands.

Your mom may say "Can you set the table for dinner?", and we will probably say "Hands to set the table for dinner!"

You readers may have followed us through our passage via blog posts but the moments where the sun rose after sail handling in the dark for the past 6 hours, crawling through a 4 foot boiling hot crawl space to read gauges, or even learning to navigate based on the stars, are ours to keep.

Love out to all the families and loved ones, we will see you soon!

And to the staff/shipmates, thank you for an amazing journey and of course hats off to our captain (literally if you are sitting in the salon for a meal).

- Allyson Nestler, C Watch, Warren Wilson College

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