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July 14, 2019

Fancy Dinner Day!

Helen Cherichetti & Jared McGlothlin, Wilton High School & BASIS Shavano

SEA Semester

Above: The best beach day during free time; below: Jasper made ratatouille for the appetizer during fancy dinner.


This morning we had normal class time.  We did an interesting lab on the relationship between pH and CO2 in oceanography, had a snack, then had a class on the Caribbean Sea.  We had a wonderful lunch consisting of spaghetti and meatballs as well as watermelon. Then we got to have free time when we normally would have class due to the History Mystery Dinner later in the evening.  Many of us chose to spend this time at Racing Beach. We enjoyed our time there playing a large game of monkey in the middle on the sand bar, swimming in the beautiful water and enjoying the beach. 


Towards the end of free time, we all started getting ready for the History Mystery Dinner. We had been given roles for our mock town hall during Oceans and Societies and were preparing to discuss the problems facing the town of Falmouth, mainly fish dying. Dinner was prepared by Jasper and the other RAs and consisted of fancy foods such as ratatouille, chicken breast, and scalloped potatoes. For dessert, we had brownies and ice cream with a plum compote. After dinner, we began to debate who was responsible for our fish problem and how we would fix it.

As a group, we figured out that the source of our problem was nutrient runoff from fertilizers on the bean farms as well as deforestation by forestry workers. Once we figured out the source, the camp was divided on the solution. Half of us wanted to get ride of the bean farmers, while the other half wanted to filter out the runoff. Eventually, we decided to have a shellfish festival to raise money to help decrease fertilizer runoff and install filters in waterways.

- Helen Cherichetti, Wilton High School & Jared McGlothlin, BASIS Shavano

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