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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

February 23, 2015

Epic New Zealand

Janet Bering, 3rd Assistant Scientist

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

The sun setting behind an active volcano!

Ship's Log

40° 05’ 52.8” S x 178° 56’ 36” E

Off the Southeast Coast of the North Island of New Zealand

Souls on Board

Dear Mom,

Camp is great! Oops, I mean - SEA Semester is great! Over the two weeks since we joined the ship I have had so many amazing adventures, from climbing aloft into the rigging, learning to identify marine birds, furling the heads'ls on the bowsprit, deploying zooplankton nets to learn more about the critters, setting square s'ls, eating on gimbaled tables, going to a Maori marae. I can't even describe how much I've learned and I can't wait to tell you all about it when I'm back in the same hemisphere. One thing I'm not sure I will be able to describe is the glory of the night sky at sea, unobstructed by light pollution. I think words are not sufficient to match the brilliance and intricacy of a full sky of stars.

Yesterday we got a special treat because it was Trevor's birthday. His favorite New Zealand snack is a chocolate biscuit called a TimTam, so Lauren made him TimTam tiramisu! It was a great afternoon snack and Trevor was surprised. (We don't get chocolate cake every day!) The whole ship's company made sure he had a great birthday.

Today, all of a sudden, it got cold. It's blowing Force 6 which makes it quite chilly to stand on deck. The days of cruising in the Bay of Islands wearing shorts and tanks are over and it is time to bust out the foul weather gear as we approach the Roaring Forties of the southern Pacific Ocean. But don't worry Mom, the experienced and AMAZING crew on board are working hard to keep all of us safe, and we've got endless warm hot chocolate in the main salon.

No time to write more - too busy having fun and learning about the ocean!

(insert your child's name here)

PS. This letter home was ghostwritten by Janet, 3rd Assistant Scientist. To all the parents and other concerned relatives: your little birds are all happy, healthy, flyin strong and they are all amazing members of our ships company. Also to my own Mom - check out the picture from yesterday! Sorry I don't have another one to post.

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#1. Posted by Barbara clark on February 24, 2015

Wonderful post janet!  Loved the photo. Can’t wait to arrive in your hemisphere love mom. And ps happy birthday Trevor!

#2. Posted by Christi Dalldorf on February 25, 2015

Reading these posts brings back lots of great memories!  I think that the next voyage should be a parents’ voyage!  So glad that you are all having such a good time and learning so much.  Chris, we miss you!!!

#3. Posted by Barbara clark on February 26, 2015

Hi janet. Yes I checked out the photo from yesterday. You all be careful up there! 



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