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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

October 17, 2016

Dreams and Dinosaurs

Amanda Hernandez, Wellesley College

Above: Ida pointing at the Cramer from the top of Torre Tavira. Below: Hanging out with my dinosaur friends at Parque Genovese. Ida is at the top looking at the dinosaur and I am inside the cave, pretending to be a dinosaur.

Ship's Log

Docked in Cádiz, Spain

Souls on Board

The sun rises late in Cadiz, but the crew on the Cramer rises early.

By the time the sunlight started streaming onto the ship, we had been up and busy for 3 hours, finally ready to go out and explore!  Ida has talked of almost nothing else but the watch towers in Cadiz for the last few days. I completely understand why she is obsessed with them; they are beautifully decorated, unique towers that are scattered throughout the city providing breathtaking views from the top. She organized a large group of us and led us toward the Torre Tavira, the only watch tower in Cadiz that you can go up into. We climbed yet again to one of the taller points in the city to be rewarded with an unbelievable view of the city stretching out around us and touching the Atlantic in almost every direction. The rooftop terraces were strewn with clotheslines and we could make out the distinct blending of Spanish and Moroccan influences across the city. We could see the Cathedral, dwarfing the other buildings and speckled with gold details. In the distance, we picked out the Cramer, excited to see our lovely home from afar.

As we begrudgingly climbed down from the tower, Ida and I began to concoct a future life in which we co-own a watch tower apartment that we host SEA Semester reunions in. We can dream, right? 

Meandering around later we found ourselves in the Parque the botanic garden at one end of the city. Plants from all over the world are scattered throughout the park and fountains line the walkways. As we walked along one edge we stumbled across something I never expected to find in Cadiz… dinosaurs! Well, dinosaur statues at least.

We walked back through the Plaza de San Antonio, making me think of my family and home back in San Antonio, Texas. It didn’t look anything like home, but I took a minute to appreciate the connection between a place I have loved forever and a place I was growing to love more and more each day.

Keep on dreaming,

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