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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 08, 2017

Donuts, Tea and Clean Water

Kate Porterfield, B Watch, Middlebury College

The Global Ocean

All of us on our best behavior at the McGuinness Institute.

Ship's Log

Current Location
Queen’s Wharf, Wellington

Ship’s Heading & Speed
straight chillin’ in Wellington

SO COLD (65 degrees)

Souls on Board

It is now Day 3 in Wellington and I am becoming quite attached to our temporary home here alongside Queen's Wharf. Elliot chose a great place to dock the Seamans because we're right next to a playground with a slide that must have been built for adults. It's so tall. I was honestly scared to go down it at first but thanks to Sophie2 and Ben I finally conquered my fears. Our prime real estate got even more prime today when a mini-donut food truck decided to park on the sidewalk right by our boat. We're all really hoping that it'll stay a while.

This morning we were all invited to the McGuinness Institute in Wellington where we heard from Wendy McGuinness about her work as a public policy think-tank director. She spoke to us about her experience working with young leaders in New Zealand and gave us some insight into how the rest of the world is processing current events in the United States.  She treated us to tea, cake, biscuits, and answers to our hundreds of questions.

I think the coolest thing about Wellington is that the harbor is clean enough to swim in. Walking along the waterfront to the McGuinness Institute, I looked down over the side of the wharf and could see straight through to the bottom. There were even people jumping off a pier into the water right down the wharf from where our boat is docked. It seemed so incongruous to see that right in the middle of a busy capital city. It made me very hopeful about the effort that my home state of Maryland is making to clean up our Chesapeake Bay!

- Kate

P.S. Happy belated birthday granddad!

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