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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

October 19, 2014

Docked in Fiji

Hugh MacKay, A Watch, Vassar College


Upon entry to Suva, a pilot boards the ship via the science deck to guide us to the dock.

Ship's Log

Current Position
18° 07.9’S x 178° 25.6’E

Docked in Suva, Fiji

Sunny and hot

After days of mounting anticipation we arrived in Suva, Fiji. The majority of the morning was spent piloting our way safely into the dock and clearing customs. This was a group effort that involved striking and setting sails and preparing the ship for the dock. Having done this several times already, we whipped through many of the tasks that only a week ago took the entire arrival process for us to complete. In the down time between clearing customs and docking, many of the students and staff spent their time vying over the only Fiji guide book on the boat to plan out our days for when we hit shore.

Despite many of our grand plans, the first thing most of us did when the gangway was lowered was vigorously search for a place where we could get internet access. For some of us(me), today was the first time that we finally checked our facebook and messaged friends and family. Collectively we were amazed by how out of the loop we have become after only two weeks of travelling off the grid. I think for me I realized this when I walked by a movie theatre in Suva and had no idea what any of the movies being played were about. However, after my hour and a half of wifi was up I felt no remorse about going back to being an off the grid traveler(even though I wouldn’t necessarily call Fiji off the grid after seeing the number of shops, restaurants, and bars that fill the Suva area).

Suva stands in stark contrast to Futuna. Here we have the opportunity to do a lot of the things we can do back home that we haven’t been able to do in a while and today our focus was shamelessly indulging in the opportunity to shop in department stores, eat in food courts, get a latte, and browse the internet. I think that after a day of overstimulation, we are all looking forward to scaling back and exploring the natural beauty of the island and learning as much as we can about its culture (but hey, who says you can’t also do karaoke every night and sneak in a few french fry orders at McDonalds).

- Hugh

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