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Current position of the SSV Robert C. Seamans. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the tools, top right, to change the map style or view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

November 24, 2016


Meave Gurche, B Watch, Gap Year

Ocean Exploration

Rigging. Photo Credit: Yen Truong

Ship's Log

Current Position
30° 21.8’S x 179°11.4’E

Ship’s Heading & Speed
155 degrees/6 knots

Sail Plan
Onwards towards the Kermedecs

Cool, cloudy evening

Souls on Board

There is a cycle that binds us to her planks and hull. Years ago she was mined from deep earth, her body extracted from its terrestrial footing, to become something of the Sea.

Like all cycles, one day she will return to her beginnings of earth and soil. Iron shavings, chemical reactions.

Like her, we were born terrestrial, our legs formed muscle memory only applicable to solid ground. But like this ship, our bodies transcended zones, becoming something of salt and fluidity.

And like this ship, we too will return to dark earth.

But like this ship, only the cease of functioning will truly bring us back to shore. We were changed the moment we came aboard. Our bodies will not forget the new muscles formed from pulling lines, walking on rolling deck. There are changes here at sea not just physical but psychological that will stay with us forever. We may orginate from solid earth and we may return to solid earth, but this time amongst the waves and wind has made us morphogenic.

Her hull and our bodies are bound together by the same purpose and together, we will sail these waters as long as time permits.

- Meave

P.S Blythe and Loren, I love you guys so much. Remember the Shel Silverstein Poem? (Through rain and snow…)

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#1. Posted by Patti Stoiko on December 01, 2016

I am beginning to understand the deep connection all of you have with “Bob” through your writings and I can see how an unbreakable bond forms between a crew and their ship. Take care of each other. We are looking at the stars and thinking of you Meave.

Love you,
p,j,b,l,m,d & a



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