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August 02, 2017

Creature Features and Career Day!

Nina Hastings & Murad Jah, Choate Rosemary Hall & American School in London

SEA Semester

Amanda presents her Creature Feature.

The day began with our wake up call at 07:30, followed by cereal at 07:45. First off in the classroom, we reflected with Dan the Man on last night’s movie, Whale Rider, and its connection to whaling and Maori culture. We also gained a brief background on the International Whaling Commission, which will come in handy tomorrow when we represent different nations in a debate on the renewal of the IWC’s whaling moratorium.

We then moved on to Career Day with three members of the SEA faculty: Erin Bryant, a teacher of marine policy; Jess Donahue, a hydrogeologist studying microplastics; and Ben Harden, a physical oceanographer. Our very own Oceanography teacher, Maia Theophanis, also described her experiences to the group. All the guests told compelling stories of their fields and left us with helpful advice.

After quesadillas at lunch, we started the second half of our day by returning to the classroom for our Creature Feature presentations. A few days ago, we were each assigned one of the creatures that we collected last week at the Sippewissett Salt Marsh to research and present to our classmates. Today, we all came prepared with colorful posters and Powerpoint slides filled with information on our respective organisms (which are currently in tanks at the back of the classroom). It was interesting to learn about each creature’s individual role in the ecosystem and how they interact with each other within the salt marsh.

Free time was followed by a dinner of barbecue chicken, rice, and corn on the cob. To end the day, we had a screening in the Madden Center of Into the Gyre, a documentary focused on SEA’s microplastics research out at sea and in shore-based labs. We’re looking forward to our IWC debate tomorrow in Oceans & Society, as well as an ocean acidification lab in Oceanography.

– Murad and Nina

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