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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

August 28, 2017

Container Days!!!

RCS Yard Crew

Seamans Yard 2017

Unpacking the container

Yard started off with a bang! No, don't worry, there were no collisions.

There was only the colliding of different pupils paths, as some crew members of the previous PIPA trip departed, and new crew ready for yard, arrived. After a quick orientation, things started to move around. And this includes people, food, random stuff, any type of stuff really, for there was word of a container arriving soon. A container of what? No one knew and nonetheless our task was to make room for the 20,000 pounds worth of new stuff that it held. And while some hopeful deckhands wished for tropical parrots to fly out and maybe  some confetti to go along, there was none of that out of the container. A close second: lots of new supplies including thousands of crackers, a microscope or two, three new life rafts, and anything else you can imagine a ship might need. The very first thing to jump out, was a brand new, firm, pillow. And yes, there was indeed a long list of inventory for it, so I guess we could've asked if parrots were on there, but we wanted the element of surprise. 

The new crew got to know one another very quickly, this happens when teamwork and not to mention hard work, is needed. We stood together for days. Literally. Because we created many fire-lines. Just imagine a bunch of large ship ants: First, we are scrambling around making room for new things to come aboard. Everyone is going every which way, some being told where to put things, some being the masterminds behind it all, trying to figure out where to efficiently put everything. And if it's possible?! Well, of course it is with this stellar group. With some sweat, with lots of sweat actually, because it's fairly hot here at pretty much all hours of the day, we finally finished unpacking the container, each of us holding and passing hundreds of items, wondering how many times we'd touched that one #10 can of tomato sauce.

Phew! Now we can start official yard work.This entails the deck servicing deck stuff and other projects, the scientists sending out their samples, doing inventory, the Aft cabin working diligently behind the scenes, and the engineers working deep within the ship for most of the day to work on their projects down below. And don't forget our favorite department, the pathway to most of our hearts (through our stomachs), and the galley! Yes, the galley works hard to keep us all well fed and happy. So far, all is so very good. On the weekends, we get some R&R, so that we're all ready to get back at it during the work week. And we're just about to start week 3. Woohoo!

That's it for now,
Robert C. Seamans yard crew

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#1. Posted by Janet Quinn on September 23, 2017

Great descriptions!
Wishing all the students a wonderful adventure of the mostly good kind!



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