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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 19, 2015

Class S-258, Oceans & Climate

Oceans & Climate

Proposed voyage track for S-258, Oceans & Climate.

The students of S-258, Oceans & Climate, will join the SSV Robert C. Seamans in New Zealand by March 25th. They will end their voyage in Tahiti around Friday, May 1st.

Ship's Company

Captain: Rick Miller
Chief Mate: Will McLean
2nd Mate: Ryan Shamburger
3rd Mate: Sara Martin
Engineer: Mickey Cavacas
Asst. Engineer: Josh  Ingram
Steward: Vickie Leavitt
Chief Scientist Deb Goodwin
Asst. Scientist: Chrissy Dykeman
Asst. Scientist: Abby Cazeault
Asst. Scientist: Kelsey Lane


Nicole Abib, Cornell University
Timothy Bateman, University of Connecticut
Santiago Bocanegra, Universidad de los Andes
Avalon Bunge, Colgate University
Leah Chomiak, University of Miami
Arthur Davis, Oberlin College
Sophie Davis, Oberlin College
Olivia Dawson, Northeastern University
Brittany Denzer, Colorado College
Ari Eriksson, Syracuse University
Tasha Greenwood, Northeastern University
Nicole Harbordt, SUNY ESF
Matthew Hemler, Northeastern University
Maria Henning, Boston University
Conard Lee, Grinnell College
Claudia Mazur, Mount Holyoke College
Bruna Moscol, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Samuel Nadell, Cornell University
Elle Nakamura, Colorado College
Nevin Schaeffer, Whitman College
Ariana Sharma, Vassar College
Maya Thompson, University of Connecticut
Michael Torselli, Roger Williams University
Audrey White, Cornell University

Visiting Scholar
Sophie Fern, expertise in New Zealand conservation efforts and science communication

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#1. Posted by Nicole Harbordt on April 03, 2015

Hello to all,
Keep the blogs coming!!! I enjoy reading them all and sharing in what is probably just a very small part of all your experiences.  Stay safe and sane! 
Pat Harbordt
P.S. Love to Nicole



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