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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 16, 2014

Challenge + Reward

Karissa Parker, Boston University


Karissa in the lab closing the curtains to remove light and prepare for some science! The usual shenanigans of S252! Lab is always a blast!

Ship's Log

Current Position
3°10.9’ S x 141° 48’ W

Course & Speed
c/o 000m deg at 7.7 knots!

Sail Plan
Motor sailing with the 4 lowers

Warm and sunny

Ahoy family and friends!

Today was a busy day here on the Seamans. Our Atlas Projects, which we’re working on in groups of three, were due today. My group, which includes Julian and Emma, are focusing on the issue of sea level rise in French Polynesia. Our project provided us with great opportunities to interact with locals in our various port stops and get their opinions on how their island might be affected by rising sea levels.

Yesterday was a big day for me as well. It was the first time I got to be the “Shadow” of the Mate. With some guidance and support from my fellow watchmates, I was able to successfully lead the watch through our routines. There are various responsibilities involved, including recording the log, plotting DR’s (deduced reckoning, AKA where we are on the chart), hourly weather, and boat checks. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but as the watch went on my confidence grew and I began to feel more comfortable with all of the responsibility that had been entrusted to me. Very soon Phase Three of our sailing program will begin, and the students will assume the role of JWO, the Junior Watch Officer. The students will be running the deck! It’s amazing to think about how much we all have learned so far in the past few weeks and what we are now capable of!

Our progress was greatly represented today when we had to strike the JT because of an approaching squall. Three of us, including myself, Hannah and Beau, then went out and furled the JT on the bowsprit within three minutes. Being able to do this swiftly and accurately is incredibly important for the safety of the ship in foul weather. I can remember the first time we had to furl a sail. It took many, many minutes and no one had a clue about the proper way to fold the sail! We really have progressed and gained so much knowledge in the past few weeks.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow because I will be the Assistant Steward working with Nina in the galley. Tonight we prepared cinnamon buns for tomorrow’s breakfast and I can’t wait to surprise everyone on the watch! The home-made cinnamon buns are a breakfast favorite here on the Seamans. In addition, tomorrow is Hannah’s birthday so I am wicked excited about making frosting and decorating cupcakes! Everyone on the ship can’t wait to celebrate. Hannah will get to wear the “birthday shirt” that was craftily designed by members of the ship’s company.

Life on board the Seamans is of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I’ve had.  And I’m so lucky to be spending it with one of the greatest group of people I’ve ever met! I’m truly having the time of my life here.

Mom, Jose, Heather, Des, Danielle, Joel and all of my friends who are keeping up with the blog, I miss you all very much and can’t wait to see you!

Happy early birthday to my nephew Jake! I hope you have a great day! Love you! xoxo

And Lily! S252 misses you very much! We hope you are feeling well back on land!

Hugs and kisses,

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