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July 18, 2017

Career Day & Chasing Ice

Georgia Dettmann and Michell Fajardo, Bryn Mawr School and Port Chester High School

SEA Semester

Colette and Morgan work on their projects.

Another day begins as we have breakfast together with our housemates. Once we get ready and go down, a table full of scones, sausages, and strawberries is waiting for us just calling our names. After eating, we began our chores and had our watch meetings, where we learned how to tie the clove hitch.

Today we had begun with our Oceans and Society class learning about the undersea cables and how people focus on what they are able to see rather than the processes and reality behind the internet. After that we had our oceanography class, but today was Career Day, and so three people came in to discuss their jobs and the journey that lead to where they were now. It was interesting to hear how these people didn’t have a smooth path leading to one goal, but rather had a rocky path not exactly knowing what they wanted to do allowing many of us to relate to them. You could see in their faces that they truly had a passion and love for what they were doing with their lives.

After their presentations finished, we all went off to lunch, where we enjoyed baked potatoes and chili. After lunch, we all headed up the Madden Center to present our projects on issues in the oceans. Some of the topics discussed in these presentations included coral bleaching, eutrophication, and advances in oceanic engineering.

After that, we had free time, where some of us went to the beach. We then came back and enjoyed a burrito dinner. After dinner we watched a documentary called Chasing Ice about the ice melt in Antarctica. It was really interesting to see the discoveries that these explorers saw after working so hard to learn more about the world in general. We then had study hall, where we worked on our historical narratives.

Overall, we had a pretty relaxed day! As we near the end of the program, we are all reflecting on our wonderful experience here in Woods Hole.

- Georgia and Michell

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