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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 27, 2019

C-285: Marine Biodiversity & Conservation

Students of Class C-285, Marine Biodiversity & Conservation, join the SSV Corwith Cramer on March 28th in Key West, Florida.  The voyage ends on May 4th in New York City, after a port stop in Bermuda.

Samantha Ahlman, University of San Diego
Sharla Friend, University of Missouri, St. Louis
Cecilia Howard, Johns Hopkins University
Gail Johnson, Oberlin College
Abigail Kwiat, University of Connecticut, Storrs
Leah Martinez, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Andrew Meashaw, SUNY ESF
Mary Noyes, Whitman College
Alexandra Reilinger, Vassar College
Clare Sandke, Smith College
Jie Sheng, University of Washington
Sarah Stover, Wellesley College

Ship's Company
Master: Jason Quilter
Chief Mate: Allison Taylor
2nd Mate: Colin Graham
3rd Mate: Rocky Bonner
Engineer: Nate Bears
Steward: Ger Tysk
Chief Scientist: Kerry Whittaker
Assistant Scientist: Farley Miller
Assistant Scientist: Grayson Huston
Assistant Scientist: Laura Rea
Lab hand: Gabe Rodriguez
Sailing Intern: Rose Edwards
Sailing Intern: Neil Mistretta
Sailing Intern: Cody Schmieding
Sailing Intern: Kersten Schnurle
Sailing Intern: Maria Andersen
Sailing Intern: Jennifer Smola
Maritime Studies Faculty: Porter Hoagland
Voyager: Elizabeth Stevens
Voyager: Ken Legg
Voyager: Rene Francolini
Voyager: Emily Hite
Voyager: Mary Ellen Kelly
Voyager: Stevenson Morgan
Voyager: Cricket Warner

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