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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 05, 2014

C251 Web Blog - 05 March 2014

Kyle McNulty

Some of C watch aloft on the course yard

Ship's Log

12° 05.3’’N x 60° 33.9’’W
Ship Speed
4.8 knots
clear with a few cumulus clouds, force 4 easterly winds

Over the past 3 weeks our crew has sailed over 1000 miles, fought through weather, become a cohesive unit and have collected boatloads of scientific data (no pun intended). Needless to say if there were ever a place on earth to conquer fears and obtain interesting/relevant skills it is almost certainly on a scientific research vessel in the middle of the Caribbean. That being said today happened to be one of the more exciting days, because
2 students and I learned how to climb the masts. For those of you unfamiliar with the dimensions of the Corwith Cramer the masts are roughly 100 feet high, it was crazy! As a safety precaution anyone climbing had to wear a harness, in order to clip into stationary rigging. The experience as a whole was truly eye opening, as I reached the top it became almost completely silent and all the busyness of the boat beneath, disappeared.

Today in class my watch group did a presentation about the amount of fuel and water used on the trip from week to week. It was actually quite amazing figuring out the weekly totals used for an entire crew. So far we have used about 7,000 gallons of water within this 3 week period, this of course is including water for things such as: drinking, cleaning, bathrooms, showers, cooking, science etc. seeing as though our crew is 30 people, that number is actually not half bad… especially comparing it to the amount of water we use while on land, which is substantially more.  

As we continue on our voyage,the shear lack of music has actually been quite entertaining due to the fact that we now have to create our own. So far the musical styling’s of none other then the great R Kelly seem to be the most commonly mimicked (specifically remix to ignition) although Creed is a close second.     

Within the next day or so we should be stopping at Union Island in order to clear customs then we will be making our way back north to Bequia, where we will be immersing ourselves in a culture of yet another Caribbean Island. I’’m excited to see the differences between these island cultures as well as the pure beauty of the surrounding ecosystems. I’’m also pretty excited to immerse myself in some unfamiliar island food.

Stay based my friends,

A shout out to my fam, love you guys and I hope all is well.

Also a shout out to Lil Phizzy- stars on Mitchell, …let the countdown begin

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