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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

October 06, 2020

C-294, Atlantic Odyssey & Ocean Exploration

Gap year students and university undergraduates enrolled in SEA Semester Class C-294, Atlantic Odyssey and Ocean Exploration, join the SSV Corwith Cramer in Woods Hole on Oct. 11 for a nearly six-week passage to Key West, Florida, where they arrive Nov. 18. There are no scheduled port stops.

Lyle Given, Academy of Our Lady of Mercy Lauralton Hall
Ethan Dewald, College of William & Mary
Claire Gabel, Mount Holyoke College
Catherine Ayer, Weston High School
Colm Blodget, Fusion Academy Brooklyn
Alexis Clements, Red Rocks Community College
Audrey Wood, Madison East High School
Max Rait, Boston Latin School
Logan Stouse, Pomona College
Aileen McDonald, Silver Lake Regional High School
Becca Ackerman, Nightingale-Bamford School
Megan Deevy, University of California, Santa Cruz
Yoela Zimberoff, Reed College
Elijah Greiner, Sewanee: The University of the South
RaechelZeller, Middlebury College
Campbell Uyeki, Liberal Arts & Science Academy
Sam Colt-Simonds, New York University
Harrison Reeves, Purdue University
Kerren Matthews,Colorado College
Nora Greer, Swarthmore College
Olivia Carson, Sharon High School
Lucia Snyderman, Middlebury College
Aidan Young, Duke University
Sara Tennant, Northeastern University

Master: Sean Bercaw
Chief Mate: Christine McCormick 
Mate: Vincent Carolyn
Mate: Cassie Sleeper
Engineer: JC Parker
Steward: Adam Travaglione
Assistant Steward: Katherine "Katey" Christianson
Chief Scientist: Jeff Schell
Asst Scientist: Jordan Eckstein 
Assistant Scientist: Sophie "Supi" Vallas 
Assistant Scientist: Emily Dailey 
Faculty: Craig Marin 

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#1. Posted by Zia Anna on October 09, 2020

Dear SEA Semester Class C-294:
Wishing all of you a wonderful journey, especially to my dear niece, Lucia! I will be following your adventure from Zurich, Switzerland. All Aboard! Enjoy!

Zia Anna

#2. Posted by Isabella on October 11, 2020

Boy oh boy do I wish I was on a boat right now! You kids have fun!

#3. Posted by Bob Wilson on October 12, 2020

We just learned of your program after some Googling. Your ship is presently ancchored about a mile from our home in the Sakkonett. Hope all is well and you enjoy your semester at sea. Fair Winds!

#4. Posted by grace on October 13, 2020

Have fun kerren!!! see u in Florida

#5. Posted by Rochelle Kruger on October 14, 2020

Such a wonderful experience you are having.  It is something you will treasure forever and share with everyone you meet.  Aileen, and everyone, most of all have fun.  Gram

#6. Posted by Veronica Gibbons on October 31, 2020

Hi Nora! I miss you! Hope everyone on board is having a good time!

Lots of love,



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