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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 17, 2018

Bow Watch Tunes

Noa Randall, A Watch, Smith College


Lila at the bow: happy to be out in the fresh air and to sing super loud.

Ship's Log

Current Position
37° 05.3’ S X 164° 47.2’ W

Ship’s Heading & Speed
040 per ship’s compass at 7.3 knots

Sail Plan
Motor-sailing under the stays’ls

Force 3 wind from WSW; cumulus clouds fairly low in the sky; 7 ft sea swells coming from SWxW

Souls on board

Having a lookout on the bow is one responsibility of the watch on deck. While on watch, we need to be aware of any potential ships or submerged objects that might be obstacles in our path, so we have to keep a vigilant lookout at all times. However, since we are currently in the South Pacific Subtropical Gyre, quite far from land and shipping routes, I have yet to see any ships or other objects of note while I have been on bow watch in my time underway. So, as some of my other shipmates have mentioned, being on bow watch is a great opportunity to spend some time alone with your thoughts. Being at the bow allows me the chance to appreciate the beauty of the ocean as the hull bobs up and down into the waves, watch the weather develop as it approaches our ship, and stargaze for nearly an hour at a time.

Being at the bow is also a great time to belt out whatever your heart desires. I sing and sing and sing until I can't think of any more songs to sing. So, for this blog post, I have asked my shipmates what songs they find themselves singing while at the bow. The results from my poll are as follows:

Valerie // Amy Winehouse
Jolene // Dolly Parton
Summer in the City // Regina Specktor
Sweet // Dave Matthews
What a Wonderful World // Louis Armstrong
Rivers and Roads // The Head and the Heart
Set Fire to the Rain // Adele
Vengas Cuando Vengas // El Kanka
Drops of Jupiter // Train
Yesterday // The Beatles
The Boxer // Simon & Garfunkel
The Mariner's Revenge // The Decemberists
Colors of the Wind // Pocohontas Soundtrack
This is What Dreams Are Made Of // Hillary Duff

Though these might not be our favorite songs, these are the ones that happen to pop into our heads when we are gazing out towards the big blue.

That's all for now; the triangle has just been rung for dinner and focaccia is calling me to the table.

- Noa Randall, A Watch, Smith College

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#1. Posted by Janet Randall on April 18, 2018

Hey, Noa, We should make a playlist of all of those songs and play it when you get home!

Also, you wrote “and focaccia is calling me to the table”.  Did you mean “the” focaccia?  (Or have you made friends with Focaccia and are now on a first-name basis?)  Just messin’ with you, Noa. (What do you expect of a mom who’s a linguist?)

#2. Posted by Andrea Raskin on April 19, 2018

Dear Noa,
I loved reading your post. Sounds as though you’re
having an amazing time aboard ship. You’re one
lucky girl! Keep enjoying these memorable moments.
Andrea Raskin

#3. Posted by Herry on April 23, 2018

Hi Noa,

So great to finally read a post from you! I kept looking, but didn’t come across your name, so I wondered, if you were actually there in all the rough weather.
You surely are a tough girl. I am almost embarrassed to admit I only know 4 of the songs you mention.
Yes, isn’t the sky amazing when you have all the stars to yourself.
Have fun!
Geert and Herry



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