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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 07, 2018

Botanical Explorations under Foulie Brim & Canopy

Lillian Strehlow, C Watch, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire


Wellington Botanic Gardens

Ship's Log

Current Position
41° 17.112’ S, 174° 46.820’ E; Wellington, NZ

Ship’s Heading & Speed
Docked at Wellington Harbour

Overcast, drizzing and gusty

Souls on board

The main event for our troupe of foulie-clad (foul weather gear-wearing) students today was a trip up the hillside to MetService, Aotearoa New Zealand's national weather forecasters. The "wee-thah" as the folks down here say, was the subject of inquiry, and the steady drizzle and fog covered hillside below us set the stage for discussion. We reviewed the principles of solar radiation, global air circulation, the chaos causing the Corliolis Effect, along with wave theory and the importance of weather forecasting for rocket launches.

For me however, the highlight of the day was taking that information with me into the rain-saturated botanic gardens, located just outside MetService's door. The  steady gray drizzle had driven the public off the pathways, creating a secluded maze of trails leading up and down the fern-covered hillside, a terrestrial counterpart to the isolation found aboard the Seamans underway. Bird song and the voyage of water from droplets into trickles and streams led deeper into the underbrush, closer to Papatuanuku (earth mother). Cars had faded away to join the public in a world outside of thought, clouds settled over treetops, and the plants seemed to retreat deeper into their pigments.  The soft dirt path wound on under my boots for hours, eventually returning me to the city below.

- Lillian Strehlow, C Watch, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

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#1. Posted by Jean Cleary on March 08, 2018

A lovely informational gleaning from my daughter. Glad you are learning and having a wonderful time.

#2. Posted by Amy Young on March 09, 2018

A boatload of lovely writers talking about water and weather and the wonders of nature. Thank you for each of these lovely entries!

#3. Posted by Kent Syverson on March 12, 2018

Lily,  Foul weather makes the flowers grow (and helps reduce traffic in the garden as well).  Enjoy the rest of your adventure!  I look forward to seeing you once you return to UW-Eau Claire!



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