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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 04, 2019

Boppin’ around Napier

Anna Byczynski, C Watch, University of Rhode Island


Spot the Robert C. Seamans.

Ship's Log

Current Position
39°28.620’ S, 176°55.221’E

Ship’s Heading & Speed
Docked in Napier

Calm seas and clear skies

Souls on board

We woke up bright and early to two new views: a sea lion, and the Ovation of the Seas! Here we were, dwarfed in comparison to this massive cruise ship. It was quite the sight in this industrial logging port.

We find ourselves in Napier for some minor repairs on our beloved Robert C. Seamans. Despite this unplanned stop, Napier has offered an opportunity to experience a new city and get research done for our various projects. Napier is termed the “art deco” city and is very reminiscence of 1920s in America, with Great Gatsby vibes. This is because an earthquake destroyed much of the city in the thirties and was all rebuilt in this vibrant style. Many murals, botanical gardens, and unique architecture line the quaint city streets. One of the big excitements of the day was seeking out cute coffee shops, desert places, including ice cream and finding a few hours to swim in the ocean.

Today a group of us was able to meet with people from the Department of Conservation. We discussed policy initiatives within the region of Hawke’s Bay and New Zealand as a whole. Topics we dived more deeply into included invasive species, illegal fishing, fishing laws and climate change. After this we were one of the first groups to view a new art exhibit in town. The theme of the exhibit was ocean pollution and featured sculptures created with marine plastic. Many of the pieces of art included ornate marine mammals, fishes and in the center of the exhibit a Māori marae (meeting house). Following our research time we grabbed some snacks and headed to the beach, where we enjoyed the surf.

Back on the ship we had a delicious all hands dinner, and now settle in for some study time, hot chocolate and wait in anticipation for the anchor watch schedule. We are looking forward to exploring more of Napier tomorrow and then continuing our journey onwards to Wellington!

To my Mom, Dad, and Colin: Miss you and love you guys! Can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures in New Zealand. Dad: you would be impressed with my knot tying skills. Mom: it is so beautiful here and you would love it. Colin: Can’t wait to hang in Ames!

- Anna Byczynski, C Watch, University of Rhode Island

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#1. Posted by Lisa Byczynski on March 05, 2019

Hi Anna!!  So glad you all were able to enjoy some of Napier’s great activities and restaurants!!! We’re all loving the beautiful scenic pictures. Wishing you all warm sunshine and pleasant winds on your sails! Loving you and missing you immensely! Mom, Dad, Colin



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