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August 03, 2019

Big day of classes and new beach!

Marlinee Pilkey & Franny Oppenheimer, Niskayuna High School & Cambridge Rindge and Latin School

SEA Semester

Above: Free time group at the Knob; below: Franny pretending to be the wind to mix water densities

Today was Saturday, and we woke up to eggs, banana bread, and frozen grapes. After breakfast, we all gathered in the Madden Center for a group watch meeting, where we learned to tie monkey’s fist knots (some were more successful than others). We then had Oceans and Society, where we learned about the Thwaite Glacier. Next was Oceanography: for the past couple of days, most of us have been working on and preparing diligently for our beach sampling presentations; today was the day we presented!

Each group (geological, biological, chemical, physical, human uses) presented data they collected at four separate beaches over the past week and a half. It was cool to see the similarities and differences between corresponding groups’ findings. By the end of the presentations, we were all tired and hungry, and enjoyed a lunch of sweet potato soup, quinoa salad, chips, and fruit. When we had all cleared our plates, we headed back to the Madden Center for a water density lab with Maia, in which we colored water of different salinities and temperatures and observed how they interacted as they mixed. We wrote hypotheses and got to test them as a group. Free time followed, in which a group went to “The Knob”, a scenic point with a beach!

It was a long walk, but totally worth it: “It was a great view” says Marlinee. Others enjoyed quiet time in their dorms (Franny took a nap). After free time, we returned once again to the Madden Center for fun movie night. The event consisted of two movies of our choice (Spirited Away and Moana) and delicious takeout pizza. To end the night, we gathered for story time (the book was An Orange In January by Dianna Hutts Aston), and wrote this blog! Until next time!

- Marlinee Pilkey, Niskayuna High School & Franny Oppenheimer, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School

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