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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 12, 2016

Beanbags and Bicycles: The Simple Pleasures of Being on Land

Eliza Thomas, B Watch, Carleton College

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

Pedaling along the coast of Wellington in our sweet ride. After hot chocolate, before singing Beyoncé at the top of our lungs. Pictured from left to right: Eliza, Ella, Jill, Shirley, and Stacie.

Ship's Log

Alongside in Queens Warf, Wellington Harbor

Sunny, and not as windy as yesterday!

Souls on Board

Hello from Wellington!

Today was our last full day in this beautiful city, as we leave for Dunedin tomorrow afternoon. It’s been a real treat to be here; for the past three days we’ve been wandering (and eating) our way through Wellington, a windy city with a relaxed and playful vibe. This morning, we were woken up for breakfast by Molly, Hoai-Nam, Madison, and Alina, who all jumped up to cook a yummy breakfast for the whole ship, as our amazing steward, Sarah, took a well-deserved day off. We soon departed for Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum, which is just around the corner from the dock. For someone who loves to explore and learn in a hands-on way, this museum is AWESOME! It’s tactile and creative, and engages visitors of all ages in a myriad of different ways. We were greeted by Conal McCarthy, a museum expert who actually wrote a paper that we recently read. He gave us an hour and a half-long tour of the museum, and it was fascinating to listen to him as we wandered through various exhibits.

After a few hours at the museum, a few of us split off to find some lunch. After spending some time in an open market, we wound up in a chocolate shop, sitting on a balcony in the middle of the city, sipping hot chocolate and sitting on beanbags. The sun was bright and warmed the chilly air, which we appreciated greatly.

To top it all off, Stacie, Ella, Shirley, Jill, and I rented a five-person pedi-cab and peddled around the city as the afternoon wound down. We passed people roller-blading, a regatta in the bay, an outdoor concert, a pop-up market, and people jumping into the harbor off of a spiral staircase on the edge of town (so cool). This city is a happening place, and it has been such a blast to be a part of it for the past few days. As A Watch took the deck this evening, B and C watch headed out to dinner to celebrate the sweet time we’ve had together in port.

It’s hard to believe that I’ll be on a plane back to Minnesota in fourteen days; our time here has flown by incredibly fast. It’s a nice feeling to have though, knowing that the reason it’s gone by so quickly is because we’ve been having the time of our lives. I’m surrounded by people who keep me on my toes and make me laugh until my ribs hurt. I’m feeling grateful for my shipmates and our time together, and I’m so excited for what the next two weeks have in store. Dunedin, here we come!

PS: Happy birthday Emma! I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my older sister. I love you!

With love (and prayers for a non-seasick journey tomorrow),

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#1. Posted by Polly on March 16, 2016

FUN!! I loved reading this again after Elliot’s post about arctic herders not letting their reindeer graze for more than three days at a time because they might revert to being untamed caribou on Day 4. I see what he means.  If Pedicab was Day 1 in Wellington, Day 4 would have been at least hang gliding! Happy travels!



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