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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

May 02, 2019

An (Almost) Ending

Ginny Svec, A Watch, Smith College


A-watch greeting Tahiti.

Ship's Log

Noon Position
17 07.7’S, 151 01.6’W

Almost to Tahiti!

035 psc

ExS, F*6

Souls on board

Today was our last day at sea before we arrive in Papeete, Tahiti tomorrow morning. This morning, A Watch had morning watch where we saw Moorea and Tahiti off the port bow! They appeared as the faintest bit of land on the horizon with two large bumps of island peeking through the haze of the morning. As I gazed upon those islands while rolling on 12-foot seas of crashing blue and spraying white, I thought back on my time here on the Seamans over this past month or so. Thinking of the ups and downs of my time here like the rolling of those swells, I remembered back to my amazing watch members and all of the fun and experiences we've had.  From the highs of cracking jokes about one another while cleaning shoulder-deep in the greasy stove on field day, to the adrenaline of the main boom breaking on our watch, the relief that we were able to handle that situation as a team, and the amazing stories that came from that night. Over my time both here and on shore, I've learned so much that I'll be taking back to land with me, and I've gained so many friends and mentors that I'm honestly not yet ready to leave. Getting to land the other day really solidified that fact for me, but I know that we'll meet up again in the not-so-distant future, and I'm very excited for that day.

Though I'm excited to sleep in a larger bed and not slam into walls while brushing my teeth, I'll miss the sunsets and the stars, the waves and the sense of accomplishment, the friends and the jokes, the care, the laughter, the love. On our last day at sea, A Watch played our favorite card game to commemorate our last watch happening tonight from 0100-0700, and a bunch of our watch and other friends climbed into this shot for a beautiful picture of us all in front of Moorea and Tahiti as the sun set. Tomorrow we'll arrive in Tahiti, clean our bunks, and have a party to celebrate the end of our journey! For now at least, goodnight!

- Ginny Svec, A Watch, Smith College

p.s. so excited to see you/hear from you friends/family <3

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