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July 17, 2019

Almost last day!

Jill Paquette & Daniel Shneider, Moses Brown School & Hunter College High School

SEA Semester

Above: Sydne, Tate, and Emerson presenting their story map; below: The whole group watching Spirited Away before study hall

Today was the last day of classes. We had an oceanography class about marine biology and then oceans and society. In Oceanography, we learned about the species of life in the ocean, from the Cambrian era to modern-day. We also learned about the intricate taxonomy of the oceans. It was really great! In Oceans and Society, we played a jeopardy game that was a review of all that we had learned about in the class.

After lunch, we had our Oceans and Society story map presentations. The project was a presentation that had to explain three port stops we traveled to in the class and a narrative arc.  We heard everything from amazing collections of memories to original stories. It was a really fun project, despite some difficulty with the ArcGis program. Everyone’s presentation was really good and fun to listen to!

Free Time
During our last free time, all twenty-five of us and the RAs agreed to go to the beach. It was a great day for swimming. People ran on the track and played catch and there was a big seaweed fight! It was a little gross, but it was really fun in the end.

For exploratory today we finished watching Spirited Away. We all thought it was a lovely movie, and a great way to end the day!

- Jill Paquette, Moses Brown School & Daniel Shneider, Hunter College High School


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