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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 25, 2016

A Toast to Tangaroa (aka Neptune)

Alex Salesin, C-Watch, University of Virginia

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

Above: S-264, The Global Ocean: New Zealand. Below: Cruise track for S-264.

Ship's Log

Docked at Lyttelton

Souls on Board

As our time on the Seamans draws to a close, I think most of us are wishing we could tie ourselves to the ship with our well-practiced knot knowledge and never leave.  After our swizzle tonight, which will consist of lighthearted talents and debauchery no doubt, we will go our separate ways.

My heart goes out to those of my fellow students who are returning directly to the States to start class again on Monday. Woof.  I sincerely hope we will all stay in touch over the years and continue to plan crazy, hilarious, and wonderful adventures together when we happen to be in the same region of the world (probably Minnesota). I will try my best to bother all you students with just enough emails to keep us connected.  In an attempt to avoid making this final blog entry a tearjerker, I have collected a number of favorite quotes and anecdotes from our sail from everyone aboard. Read them, enjoy them, and never forget the unbearable cuteness that was our time at sea.

"I'll think I'll wing it with a driver's license and then go eat ice cream."
--Eileen when discussing going out for the evening.

"The beautiful thing about time is that there's often still some of it."
--Ben when discussing the work we have left to do.

"I don't know. Am I edgy? Maybe. You can't tell."  
--Alina when explaining her reasoning for getting an undercut.

The time Elliot described the ship with new paint moving through the water as a bar of soap sliding across the bathroom floor.

The time Leland ate a spoonful of zooplankton biomass.

The time Makenzie bit off a piece of her apple for Madison, who couldn't bite with her front teeth.

When Tom recaps A-Watch's debriefs, piping in with positive and strangely specific anecdotes about the watch.

Spending a beautiful day aloft, surrounded by glassy water, with seemingly no other boats or land in the entire ocean. You can sit on the platform with another person and see nothing else but the boat below and the open sea.

Alina: "Do I have responsibilities?"

One of the last dinners, when the tables decided to not be gimbaled and food went flying across the room twice in one meal.

Seeing pilot whales!

Maggie, Jenna, and Madison eating ramen after a cold night on deck at 4 a.m. to warm themselves back up.

Leland: "Bob Dylan's voice sounds like he drank a blender of glass."

Jeff (to Ben): "You've changed clothes nine times today. What are you-Oprah?"

Eric: "You can take your future in your own well as your ventilation."

Hoai-Nam danced with Gabi on the quarter deck, Tom danced while playing the guitar, and Elliot almost joined in.

When we were swimming in Whangaroa Bay, Jeff came up for air and said, "there are so many sheep in New Zealand; I saw five down there!"

Leland cutting off the sleeve of his shirt and using it as a headband.

The time Molly and Alex accidentally did a partner cartwheel in the main salon.

The time we washed our hair with laundry detergent after swim call.

Hoai-Nam: "Oh Jeff, your sense of place is wherever I am." 
Jeff: "It's 'sense' of place, not 'nonsense'."

Alina: "Leland you're so funny, I die whenever you talk."
Leland: "You definitely laugh at me."
Alina: "I laugh in front of you."

Leland (to Tim): "Thanks for breakfast, hon!"
Tim: "Have a good day at work, sweetie!"

"Scurvy-free for another 24 hours." -Johanna after eating lettuce at lunch.

"Living on a ship is like living in a big guitar." -Elliot.

"Living on a ship is like living in a bunk bed." -Eric.

"If you had to replace one of your hands with the head of an animal, which animal would it be?" -Hannah.

"Being on a ship is like being drunk all the time, but the bad parts are amplified and the good parts are nonexistent."
-Makenzie, when feeling seasick.

"What is cleaned every day and is 100 miles from land, but is always dirty? The Robert C. Seamans!" -Eileen, Madison.

Learning about Sir Eric Chatham and his exploits as an oceanographer as well as an outdoorsman, hunting with President Teddy Roosevelt.

That time Eric thought he heard a cat in the middle of the ocean.

The tiny cushion in the doghouse that sounds like a whoopee cushion.

- Alex

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#1. Posted by Anh Tran on March 28, 2016

the cat in the middle of the ocean?  .... probably Hoai Nam :D



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