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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

November 28, 2015

A More Stable Life

Xiaotong Zou, C Watch, Gettysburg College

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

View from my port hole.

Ship's Log


Russell, Bay of Islands



Souls on Board

Land Ho! After a week sailing we finally arrived in the Bay of Islands two days ago! The ocean has been treating us well, for the last few days the wind and sea had calmed down a lot compare to when we left Auckland. Everybody is now more used to the rock n' rolling of the ship and has learned to walk not quite vertically. We anchored in the harbor of Russell and had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner on board on Thursday.

Today we were all let free in Russell. Around 9 o'clock in the morning, there was a 3km swim race from Russell to Paihia. Hundreds of swimmers swam across the bay right near our stern. Some of us went to the Russell Museum and visited the Christ Church, which is the oldest church in New Zealand. We have had no internet connection for the past week and it's amazing how people are so attached to their phones once we arrived on land. I believe everyone was happy to talk to their parents for the brief moment we had so they know we are well and sound.

Life is more stable now that we are anchored. It was nice to take a deck shower when the ship was not moving, to eat at un-gimbaled tables, and to not have to hold on for life when sleeping in my folks'l bunk. Though it's post-thanksgiving, I want to give thanks to my mom for all her support towards what I love to do, to the Chase family for introducing me to sailing, and to all my friends and family members for being who they are and keep guiding me in life.

We are setting sail again tomorrow for some subtropical weather. Hope for the fair winds and following seas!

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