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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 30, 2020

A Year in Four Weeks

Kylie Wiegel, Steward

SEA Semester

Above: Thanksgiving Sunset. Some of the crew enjoying sunset on top of the lab; Below: Thanksgiving Roast. Kylie cutting up the "Thanksgiving" roast.

Ship's Log

Noon Position
10 degrees, 15.0’ S x 140 degrees 34.9’ W

28 degrees C

Ship’s Speed
7.0 knots

Days underway and Trip log
Day 23, 3535 nm

Sunny with blue skies/ Wind is from the east, Force 5 / SAILING

Once on the boat, the concept of time seems to slip away from all of us. Days don't make sense. Recalling events and approximating how long ago they happened takes effort. This trip, we decided to take advantage of that. As previously written by the lovely Sonia, we experienced an Easter-ween celebration taking part in both Easter and Halloween festivities. To continue on with the fun, we also planned out a Thanksgiving celebration! All day, everyone was welcome in the galley to help prep their favorite Thanksgiving treats. The day started out with Anna (B-watchstander) helping me construct some beautiful and decadent pumpkin pies. Shortly after, A-watchstanders Sonia and Hilary came in and helped me make one of the best string bean casseroles I've ever had. While this was going on, B-watchstander Will was dicing up some pre-prepped sourdough and then spent the next couple hours getting together a stuffing that was out of this world. After lunch, C-watchstander Kate and A-watchstander Sarah helped me pre-cut up some potatoes to make a ridiculous amount of mashed potatoes. Instead of having your typical turkey, I decided to cook up one of the biggest pieces of beef I've ever dealt with. Let me tell you about this meat: OUT. OF. CONTROL. Seasoned in brown sugar, salt, pepper, and paprika, seared on the griddle before baking it for five-and-a-half hours. Ranging from well done to medium rare. What a beauty she came out to be! We'll be having steak for the next couple days, that's for sure!

Aside from the food, the holiday spirits were flowing throughout the whole ship. People were talking of their favorite family traditions and reminiscing on previous Thanksgivings they have shared both with their families and on the boat. The day was capped with one of the most beautiful sunsets we have seen. Today was a good day.

It's easy to forget what the outside world is like while being isolated for so long but I feel so lucky to have created such a great family here out at sea. This trip will definitely be one that lingers in all of our memories for a long, long time.

Grateful for friends. Grateful for family. Grateful for the blessings this ship and SEA have given.

Sending lots of hugs and love.

Until next time,

Kylie, S-290T Steward


Editor's Note: In response to the coronavirus pandemic, all SEA Semester students departed our ships on or before March 18, with modifications made to the cruise tracks to ensure swift travel home.  A small, dedicated professional crew aboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans is working in a closed community to return the ship to US waters.  The crew complied with New Zealand's 14 day self-isolation period to establish & maintain crew health prior to departing on their open ocean passage.

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#1. Posted by judy pollock on May 04, 2020

What a wonderful and moving story! These are some momentous times for sure. Love to all the families out there following this journey. I hope we all figure out how to make a more healthy and equitable world together when this is over.  Stories from the boat offer us such hope.

#2. Posted by julie wiegel on May 05, 2020

What a great story!  I am glad you all had such a fun filled day with amazing food!  I am so happy to see your smiling face Kylie smile 

Love to you!

I’ll show Minnow your picture when I get home!



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