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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

December 12, 2017

A Sunny Day

Katie Livingston, B Watch, Wellesley College

The Global Ocean

Hannah, Hannah-Marie, Sophie, Sarah, Ann, Isaac and I getting ice cream after the aquarium field trip

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A beautiful, sunny, and warm day

Souls on Board

Hello all!

Today was our final day in Napier and after a morning free to explore we took a group field trip to the Napier Aquarium. We brought them zooplankton and phytoplankton samples from our student mission to sample from the spring in the middle of Hawke Bay from a few days ago, and we got a guided tour of the site. The first thing that we saw was the penguin feeding time. The aquarium typically gets rescued penguins from around Napier, typically from the port where the Seamans is docked. After the feeding time we sat in a circle and got to meet one of the penguins named Dora! It was so awesome to see a penguin that close up. We got guided through all of the tanks after that, and my favorite part were the different turtle exhibits. The aquarium was also the first aquarium in New Zealand to have piranhas. Amazing as the aquarium was, I do think that they could have used a salp exhibit.

After the aquarium, a group of us went off to get our last ice cream before we got back on the boat for the trip up to Auckland. There are many delicious treats on board, but no ice cream! After ice cream many people took final swims in the ocean or wandered around Napier for dinner one last time. The city was so beautiful and it was so much fun exploring over the past couple days! We were so lucky to have warm weather to go swimming, biking, and running while in the port the past few days.

We depart early tomorrow morning to do some coastal sailing back up to Auckland while we finish our research projects during our final week of life at sea. This trip has gone by so quickly and it was amazing getting to spend a long leg of the trip on the ocean and really getting into life on the boat as well as getting to stop at ports. The added independence of Phase III has really made me realize how much I learned about sailing, navigation, and science at sea. It’s so amazing seeing how much we’ve all learned just by immersing ourselves in the study of the ocean!

Sending love to family and friends following along at home. I’m so glad that I got to talk to some of you while in Napier!

- Katie

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