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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 10, 2019

1000 Miles!

Tristan Feldman, 2nd Mate/Bosun


Laying out the new piece of sail cloth for the main stays'l.

Ship's Log

Noon Position
38 o 41.0’S x 173 o 25.0’ W

A round-about 1000 miles away from where we started

025 o psc

WxN Force 4

Souls on board

Today marked 1000 miles sailed and we have made it far enough North that it has started to get warm. People are hanging out in t-shirts and shorts and the boat is alive in a way it hasn't really been yet. The foredeck gym is in full swing, with people attempting to do as many push-ups as miles we've sailed. On the other hand, they galley celebrated 1000 miles with chocolate cake for afternoon snack.

The sun finally coming out means that the sextants are also out. Sun line assignments are due tomorrow and the sun has not been cooperating, so students are taking this opportunity to take their sun lines and work together to remember what they learned ashore about reducing them.

The sail loft (aka the library, the science deck, the aft cabin, really anywhere big enough to spread out) has also been busy. Thanks to a lot of helping hands the torn patch has been removed from the sail (every single stitch needed to be removed by hand) and a new piece of sail has been cut. Tomorrow we will start sewing the sail back together, partially by machine and partially by hand.

Here's hoping the sun sticks around, the seas stay calm, and the winds stay fair!

- Tristan Feldman, 2nd Mate/Bosun

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#1. Posted by Mary Ellen Tracy on April 15, 2019

Hi Adrienne:

I hope that you are all well.  It seems you are experiencing the quixotic nature of the ocean and having to adapt to whatever she doles out smile

All is well here.  we had a great meal with Pappy yesterday.  He and “the girls” are doing really well.  Summer turned 5 yesterday too!  T sent us some pictures last night.  Looks like they had some fun:)

I spoke with Valerie Sirois this morning, at the registrar’s office.  She will register you and confirm with an email to me.  It also looks like your rooming placement got put through to Main St. Commons smile

Pup and I spent the weekend stripping wall paper!  Who knows how it will all look when you return!

xoxox, we miss you a ton and are appreciating all that we are learning about sailing vocab. the Beaufort Scale etc smile  Try to get in a blog picture if you can. It would be lovely to see your beautiful smile.




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