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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

September 25, 2017

Wrap-up from Yard in American Samoa

RCS Yard Crew

RCS Umu Feast

Well, the RCS blog has been hard to keep up with, with all of this hard work! We've been attacking all sorts of projects here and there, and just about everywhere. We've travelled all the way up the masts, to loosen the bottle screws in order to re-tension the stays. We've tarred the highest stays. And we've worked down to the depths, finishing stowing the food and lashing it in dry stores, getting everything sail-ready. And even to under the bowsprit, climbing and tarring the bobstay. Each and every body on this ship has put sweat into each task, each day.

This past week was spent wrapping up projects, and stowing down the ship for our outreach week, next week, which includes two day sails! So again, the ants have been scrambling around the decks, up and down, defeating the mung and making sure everything is in tip-top shape for the arrival of students. The paper products have been neatly and efficiently stowed in one of the non-used bunks, and it should be safe to say that S-275 will NOT run out of toilet paper.

At least we would hope not.there's tons. Certain things have even been turned to gold upon this ship, mostly in the science department, as a certain gold spray paint is trying to be used up. We played jigsaw with the new mattresses that arrived in the container, and sprayed down the old ones so we could donate them to the Hope House for the elderly. We also enjoyed throwing out all of the old, nasty, pillows and delivering a new pillow to each bunk. What was really great too, was labeling everything and creating a solid system for our future, fellow, shipmates. This includes the mattress covers, mattresses themselves, and dating the new pillows. Details, details are key.

Interspersed with all of this hard work though, was some fun of course. At the end of the day muster, the engineers included a nice cool down activity after their debrief. They gave some hints, saying where extra water supplies were and that there was possibly amo hidden around the deck, but unless you were keen on these  tidbits of information, you didn't know to start getting away from quarter deck to safety, in time. Game on. Yes, a water fight was at play, and things started to progress quickly. Can't say there were any sure winners, but it was a whole lot of fun and a good way to end the day.

The weekends have been filled with adventuring to beaches, hiking the ridges, sailing in Gene, shopping, and lazy movie days. As this is being typed, it is a Sunday night, most everyone is back to the ship and there are cookie-monster-squids, baking hundreds of cookies in the galley. One of the stewards even prepped dough for a make-your-own pizza night. Life aboard the Bobby C. is pretty great.

Til' next time!

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