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August 04, 2017

Woods Hole Historical Day

Alek Bobyock-Rosen & Amanda Manoogian, Montclair High School & Georgetown Day School

SEA Semester

Above: Ana, Allison, Katarina, Nicole, Chiara, Isabelle, Amanda, and Chase go on a voyage. Below: Chiara, Alek, and Nina create a human pyramid.

We awoke this awoke this morning at approximately 7:30 to a lovely pancake breakfast made by our wonderful chef, Sabrina. We completed our daily chores and then headed off to the picnic tables for our watch meetings. We worked on our leadership prompts and went over announcements. We marched up the hill to the Madden Center, where we were greeted by the admission counselors for SEA Semester. We were given a presentation on the various courses that SEA Semester offers.

Shortly after the presentation, we made our way to the amazing town of Woods Hole. We were given a lesson on the various institutions that have been based in this port town. We also learned about the vast history of the guano industry, and how it shaped this town. The group then walked to the St. Joseph’s Church where our Oceans and Society teacher, Dan the man, gave us a lesson on the original Irish settlers who worked for the Pacific Guano Company. Next, we went to the Woods Hole Historical Museum, where we perused the exhibits and did some independent learning. After finishing up at the museum, we took a break to enjoy the town and eat lunch.

After lunch, we gathered on the hill to separate into our watches and begin our scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt consisted of taking pictures to prove that we saw various objects. We searched for objects such as a sundial in a park, a seven-masted ship, and the ever-controversial group of scientists discussing science. Pegasus watch finished first, but in the end, it was Sirius watched that earned the most points due to their picture of 18 scientists. Note that the authors of this blog belong to Pegasus watch.

This concludes our trip to Woods Hole, followed by our return to campus for a leisurely afternoon of free time. And so, our intellectual voyage continues, as we end this blog entry.

Alek & Amanda

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