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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

January 26, 2015

Winter Storm Alert

Updated on Wednesday, January 28th at 12pm:
Given the conditions of Falmouth roads, the administrative offices are very lightly staffed today. The office will be back to a full operational mode tomorrow, Thursday, at 9am. 

Posted on Tuesday, January 27th at 4pm:
While the SEA campus remains under a blizzard watch for the next few hours, the entire facility has retained power throughout the storm and the students are in good spirits.  Classes will resume at 0830 tomorrow morning and the administrative offices will open at noon.

Posted on Monday, January 26th:
For nearly 45 years and over one million nautical miles, SEA has thoughtfully and continuously honed its safety policies and procedures to minimize risk. We operate under a philosophy of prevention but prepare for and are capable of a broad spectrum of response.

This philosophy extends to both the on-shore and at-sea components of our programs, so we are busy preparing for what the upcoming winter storm is expected to bring to the Cape & Islands tonight and tomorrow. Specific information regarding our preparation is listed below.

Student Preparations:

  • Students enrolled in SEA Semester classes C-257 and S-257 are being placed under a travel ban, effective at 6pm this evening. They will not be permitted to leave campus after that time per travel alerts posted by the National Weather Service.
  • Students have stocked up on food and water and are provisioned with recommended emergency supplies. The Head Resident and Student Services staff members are standing by ready to assist should additional accommodations become necessary.

Facilities Preparations:

  • The SEA campus in Woods Hole, MA will be closed on Tuesday, January 27. We will monitor road conditions and facilities services in order to determine when to resume normal business operations.
  • The campus server will be shut down tonight, Monday, which will result in an interruption of our phone system. We expect the server to be up and running again as conditions allow.
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