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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

September 27, 2017

We’re a Boat Again!

Laura Rea, Procurement Officer, Social Media and Public Outreach Officer

Cramer Yard 2017

Greetings from Belfast! The Cramer is currently floating alongside a dock here at the shipyard, and we are all SO excited. Here’s a quick recap of everything that had to happen to get to this point!

Last week was a big week of moving with lots of heavy equipment. On Tuesday, Cramer was pulled out of the shed. On Wednesday, the foremast went in, and on Thursday, the mainmast went in! Just yesterday, Cramer hit the water, and both yards have been put on. We are a brigantine once again!

All departments are currently preparing for the Coast Guard deadweight survey, which will happen tomorrow. This survey will ensure that the ship’s stability is in good shape before we head out for sea trials. This means that all departments have to keep track of all their storage spaces and the weight of everything that is stored there. Aside from preparing for the deadweight survey, Engineering has also been buttoning up many projects. Henry has been working on completing the new galley ventilation, while Savio has been working on getting the galley back together. Marty is finishing up wire runs, and Kelly has just finished installing the watermakers in dry stores.

Science has learned so much about the transducer bays recently, and thanks to their hard work, the bays have been installed correctly and are in good shape. Other than that, they have also been working hard to move science equipment back into the ship. The science hold has been organized, and the weight of all the equipment there has been recorded and is ready for the Coast Guard to examine. The lab is also looking really good - most of the equipment is back on board, and science has been organizing and moving in all the lab gear. In other exciting news, science has finished running wires for the network on the ship. This network connects all the ship’s computers, and based on their preliminary testing, is in great shape and running well.

Our rig team has been busy making the most obvious changes to the boat. Thanks to them, the Cramer is no longer a schooner! Aside from reattaching the yards, they have also spent long hours uprigging the masts. Soon, we may even have sails!

Deckhands have been working hard to make the boat liveable again. Equipped with vacuums, dustpans, and microfiber towels, they have been cleaning out dust and debris from the bunks and living quarters. Although not the most glamorous job, it makes a huge difference, and everyone sailing on the next trip should come by and give them cookies.

Speaking of cookies, recently, the Cramer crew received a wonderful care package from the office, filled with all sorts of fun toys and various forms of sugar. We’ve been stuffing our faces the past few weeks on delicious Pez candies and chocolate covered pretzels. We wanted to relay our thanks back to the office!

At the Crosby school, our landlord, Kiril, has been making a lot of improvements to the building. More and more, the old theater is starting to host live music and other events. Dishwashers are being installed to communal living spaces so the house can host more people once SEA leaves. Crusty, as always, can be found lounging around the school, waiting for any unwitting person to open a door so that she can dart inside. And now that Crusty has been mentioned, this blog can officially end. Until next time!

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