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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

March 30, 2017

Welcome to the Robert C. Seamans

Chuck Lea, Chief Scientist

Elizabeth, Marcia , Jana, Sammi, Romina, and Sophia are ready to go!

Ship's Log

Alongside the dock in Lyttelton, New Zealand

Wind-calm, fog

Souls on Board

The staff has been working hard for days to get ready for the students of class S-272, and today at 1430 they began to arrive! All the cleaning, fixing, mixing, meeting and general business has now settled down to getting the students ready to go to sea, the program has started to roll and it will not stop until we finish in Tahiti. This afternoon after all were aboard we had our first 'muster on the quarterdeck' as introductions were made and watches assigned.

After some brief engineering and medical messages were passed, the watches met separately to begin the process of forming a team which will handle the vessel for hours at a time moving us along in our sailing and science goals. After that the watches received instruction on lab safety, line handling and doing a boat check. Hourly boat checks will now continue until we finish in Tahiti.

A wonderful pasta and chicken meal gave folks strength to listen to some galley orientation and to divide up the evening dock watch which each will stand an hour, giving them an opportunity to practice their boat checks with staff while still alongside. It is a pretty busy start, but there's always a lot to do. Tomorrow we must run through more orientation and finish with the walk through of the safety drills. Once we are assured that the crew know what their response is in an emergency, we can then proceed to sea. We are scheduled to leave the dock at 1500 tomorrow afternoon.

It is the nature of the program that the information is poured-on at the start, but soon we will be turning talk into action and sailing away. The students are excited and ready, they have a thousand questions but for now they, and their new shipmates, are delighted to have begun.

- Chuck

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#1. Posted by Kathy Chaves Verner on March 30, 2017

Thank you, Chuck, for your reassuring words and wonderful photo! What a happy photo! Have an amazing journey together! So happy to read the blog posts!  Sending big love from home base in Massachusetts to my daughter, Sammi, all the students and your whole crew! Sail on! <3 Mom/Kathy

#2. Posted by Keith Segalman on March 30, 2017

Lily Anna, I am very jealous as I wish I was on the adventure with you! Have fun and I miss you. Love Dad

#3. Posted by Kurt Bahnke on March 31, 2017

Fair winds and following seas S-272, enjoy your adventures!



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