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July 22, 2019

Welcome to SEASCape Session 2!

Alex Salesin, Alex Merkle-Raymond, Lydia Wasmer, Jared Moelaart, Nell Carreiro, SEASCape 2 Staff

SEA Semester

Jared, Lydia, Alex, and Alex sit outside A House, preparing for the day.

Welcome to the SEASCape Session 2 Blog! This will be updated daily by the students in pairs. For today, the students are just settling into SEA campus, so we (the student coordinators) have written the first blog post. Today, the students have gotten to move into their homes; Bellatrix House or Capella House, and been assigned into one of four Watch groups. The four groups are Anchor, Boat, Crab, and Dolphin Watches which helps to facilitate small group dynamics as well as mimic the Watch groups students would be in if they were aboard one of the SEA vessels. Later this week the students will get to go to Penikese Island, visit WHOI’s Engineering lab, and learn about our SEA and college programs. Below, we have listed some information about ourselves so you can get to know us, just as your student will!

Alex Salesin
University of Virginia, 2018
Resident Advisor
Hello! My name is Alex and I am so excited to work with your students this summer! I graduated from UVA last spring with my Bachelor’s in History and my Master’s in Teaching, PreK-6. I am an alumna of SEA’s high school program and the S-264 Global Ocean SEA Semester in New Zealand. I just finished my first year of teaching first grade in Northern Virginia, and I am so excited to return to SEA to continue teaching about science and the environment!

Alex Merkle-Raymond
Northeastern University, 2019
Resident Advisor
Hey everybody! I am Alex, one of the Resident Advisors for your students while at SEASCape. I have been looking forward to teaching and exploring with your kids in one of the best places I’ve ever lived! I went on SEA’s C-279 Marine Biodiversity and Conservation program last spring and worked at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution last fall, so I am excited to show everyone my favorite places in the area.

Lydia Wasmer
Colby College, 2018
Resident Advisor
Hiya! I’m Lydia and I am from Naples, FL. It’s a lot cooler here on Cape Cod during the summer so I am excited to go explore the beaches and hopefully (hopefully) see some whales. I graduated from Colby College in 2018 with a degree in Environmental Science and a concentration in Marine Science. I am also an alumna of the Global Ocean SEA Semester class S-271 and was able to sail around New Zealand. I am so happy to be back and really excited to discover new things about the world we live in and also about your wonderful kids!

Jared Moelaart
Eckerd College, 2017
Heyo, My name is Jared and I’m from a suburb outside of Chicago, IL. I went to Eckerd College in St Petersburg, Florida, where I received a degree in Psychology and Spanish. I am currently in a master’s program at New York University, pursuing a degree in Food Studies. One thing that I am most looking forward to this summer is getting to know everyone, and put some delicious food on the table. Moreover, you all have a wonderful program schedule ahead and think you are going to have a great time learning about oceans and societies!

Nell Carreiro
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Student Services Coordinator
My name is Jonelle Carreiro, but everyone calls me Nell. I have been an RN for five years and I will be working student services. Fun fact: I have been living in Pocatello, Idaho for the last 3 years and now love to rock climb! I have a cute puppy that I love and am engaged to a WHOI engineer who is amazing and helpful. I loved working and bonding with the students last session and am looking forward to meeting all of you!

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