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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

July 25, 2017

Week 7 in Cramer MMP!

Laura Rea, Procurement Officer, Social Media and Public Outreach Officer

Cramer Yard 2017

Greetings from Belfast!! Things have been chugging right along here at Front Street Shipyard. We’ve reached the point where things are starting to be put back together, instead of just getting taken apart. It’s an exciting time to be alive!!

Engineering has been coordinating all the welding activity, and is happy to report that new steel has arrived and welders have been starting to patch up holes where old steel was cut out. This means that Cramer will no longer look like a scared tuna for much longer (see photo). Another major engineering project is the galley. Jen, Mickey, and Elliot have been keeping busy planning everything that will happen to get the galley reassembled. Other engineers have been buzzing around, working on fixing up other machines on the ship. The transmission for the windlass was taken apart, inspected for damage, and parts were replaced where necessary. New navigation lights are being fitted so they can be secured to the mast, and the engine for the small boat is being taken apart and cleaned.

In science land, the lab has finally been totally repainted, and is super shiny and exciting. Now, our science team is working on reassembling the lab. So far, they have worked on finagling the lab counter back into place. This is no small feat, and will take quite a bit of adjusting to level out the counter. Once this is in, all the wiring and plumbing will be reattached to the sinks.

Deck has been kept busy rust-busting, sanding, and painting. The anchor chain has been measured, and is being cleaned and prepared for painting. Up on the third floor, Andrew has lead a team of deckhands in the rigging operations. These deckhands spend their time inspecting blocks for damage, and sanding them to prepare them to be repainted.

Outside of yard, the Cramer crew has found a great new swimming hole. This clear, fresh water lake is now the preferred bathing location. Always conscious about conserving water, SEA crew is hoping to please our landlord by boycotting showers and bathing in the lake instead. In other news, today is Christmas in July. The Cramer crew plans to celebrate by wearing ugly sweaters and listening to Christmas music while playing Grand Theft Auto, a game that truly embodies the spirit of Christmas. Cramer crew has also made acquaintance with Crusty the cat’s owner. Crusty’s name is actually Edith Piaf, named after a famous French singer. Crusty’s owner, a very cultured multi-lingual young hipster, may not approve of Crusty’s new name, but Crusty doesn’t seem to mind.

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