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August 04, 2015

We saw ALVIN! “No, not the chipmunk…”

Libbie Barnes and Bettina Hammer, Crockett High School and St. Johnsbury Academy

SEA Semester

Above: The Alvin! Below, top: Rachel, Annie, Bettina, Erin and Jolie at the helm of Lady Maryland. Below, bottom: Fish at the aquarium

We woke up this morning to pancakes (both plain and chocolate chip) prepared by our awesome cook Marissa. After completing various chores, we headed out to Woods Hole for our final field trip. First stop was the Smith building, a part of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI). Our tour guide Chad walked us through the halls,where we got to peek into windows and see oceanographic equipment like the remotely operated vehicle, named Remus. Then came the highlight of the day: ALVIN!!

Alvin is a deep-sea submersible which can carry three passengers to depths of 4500 meters to explore the things that exist there. It was Alvin who explored the wreck of the Titanic when it was rediscovered in the 1980s. Usually, Alvin is out at sea, so it was very unusual to be able to see it. Everyone was super excited: we love Alvin. I even bought a t-shirt with Alvin on it. The next stop was the WHOI research vessel, the Knorr, which was the ship that discovered Titanic. It is technically owned by the US Navy, and was recently sold to Mexico. After this, we got a tour of the Lady Maryland, which sails with a crew of highly intelligent middle schoolers through a program called Living Classrooms.

Food is amazing in Woods Hole, especially the succulent lobster tacos from Quicks Hole Taqueria. Also ice cream.

The academic part of the day continued with a trip to the WHOI exhibit center and gift shop. There was information on the history of WHOI, an exhibit on Alvin and its voyage to the Titanic wreckage. We visited the small but historic (as the oldest public aquarium in the US) aquarium. The aquarium had a large variety of local fish as well as two adorable harbor seals! We finished off the action-packed day with a trip to the beach, a friendly game of football led by (drumroll) Marissa, and a barbeque (shout out to Marissa). All in all a very fun and memorable day!

- Libbie and Bettina

"Team work makes the dream work" -Betinna

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