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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

February 15, 2015

We Sail for Science!

Jillian Adair, A Watch, Drexel University

Hayden on the deck box; Emma and Megan hauling the mains'l; Charlotte on the helm. Photo by Tyler Hampton.

Ship's Log

Current Position
Anchored in the Bay of Islands

Sunny and warm with calm waters

Souls on Board

This was the first full day we sailed underway without anchoring at night. This means that we had full watch rotations with a complete watch group on deck and in the science lab at all times starting with A-watch from 1900 to 2300, followed by B-watch from 2300 to 0300, C-watch from 0300 to 0700, A-watch again from 0700 to 1300, and B-watch from 1300 to 1900. 

Our night was filled with plenty of science! Last night began as A-watch spent time stargazing with our watch officers. Because the land of New Zealand was in very distant view, the entire night sky lit up with celestial
bodies. Janet, our lab watch officer, showed us Orion's belt, the Southern Cross, and bright red Jupiter!

At midnight, B-watch towed the Neuston net along the side of the ship to collect surface organisms such as crustaceans, salps, and other zooplankton to aid our student research projects. As the net skimmed the water, the organisms emitted bioluminescence and large patches of bright green color radiated along the surface. Additionally, water samples collected in the early morning provided us with information about the temperature, density, and conductivity at various depths of the ocean column. During class in the afternoon, Sienna, Tyler, and Jess shared their wicked identification skills and told us about common surface crustaceans such as euphausids, shrimp, and mysids (I'm slowly learning Boston lingo). 

Throughout the day, we set and struck sails several times to alter our course and speed. We are slowly learning the ropes--both figuratively and literally--in preparation to become Junior Watch Officers in the coming weeks.

Excitingly, we aren't the only ones who think we're cool. Three small boats approached us in the afternoon just to check us out and appreciate the magnificence of the Robert C. Seamans.

Tomorrow we will find our way to Russell harbor in the Bay of Islands where we will meet with Maori leaders and partake in historical and cultural activities. We are all excited and ready to go!

- Jillian

P.S. from Chrissy: Happy Birthday Dad!

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#1. Posted by Vici Smith on February 16, 2015

Sounds as if you are settling in nicely!  This will prove to be an unforgettable experience for all of you, drink it in.  Safe travels.

#2. Posted by Cathy geib on February 16, 2015

Good morning everyone! We are so happy to see the Blog updated. As we are all freezing up North , it is a ray of sunshine to hear from all of you and your journeys. Claudia - as I read the Blogs all I can think about is that this is your world. You must be in your glory on the ship and exploring the shore. We love you lots . Mom and Dad!

#3. Posted by Maureen Daley-Maravilla's Mom on February 16, 2015

Your adventures sound amazing so far!  It sounds like you are like a family with the celebrations.  Maravilla, I had a dream that you saw whales!  Now, when you talk of meeting Maori leaders and partaking in the culture, that REALLY makes me wish I was there!  I am hoping for many photos and another great blog.  Thank you for your tales.  Safe travels all!

#4. Posted by Valerie Adair on February 16, 2015

Well Jillian, you are finally in your zone! Sounds like you are enjoying all the sights on the water.  I’m happy to hear words, but wish someone would post your picture.  Jimmy and I were talking about lucky you are to see so much of the world.  Enjoy your time and be happy you’re not home….1degree this morning and snow on the way tomorrow. Schools will probably be cancelled.

Love you,
Mom and Dad

#5. Posted by Barbara Adele Clark on February 16, 2015

Hi Captains and crew!  sounds like you all are having a wonderful time!  Janet—keep your eyes on those stars!  Love Mom

#6. Posted by Rick and Trine Clemens on February 17, 2015

We just looked at images of the Bay of Islands….Amazing and incredibly beautiful!!  Maravilla,  that has me wanting to sail Justice to New Zealand.  I hope you’re going back with me! 

Love Dad.

#7. Posted by Pendy Colman on February 17, 2015

Emma wear your SUNSCREEN !!!!
I miss you more than all the stars in the sky but I can hear your happiness in your FB message. We wish you all safe travels
Mom ~Dad ~ Charlie and Ollie



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