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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

April 01, 2019


Ben Harden, Chief Scientist

SSV Robert C. Seamans

Ship's Log

Departing Lyttelton Harbor, New Zealand

Souls on board

Today, after a two-day weather-delay, the crew of SEA Semester Cruise S285 departed Lyttelton Harbor, New Zealand aboard the Sailing School Vessel Robert C Seamans.

Our voyage will take us across 3000 nm of open ocean to Papeete in French Polynesia. We will be crossing some of the least traveled waters on our planet and our student crew will be taking vital baseline data for a variety of ocean disciplines from biology to physics. They will do this while being fully vested members of the sailing vessel's crew, manning the deck 24 hours a day throughout the 28 odd days of our voyage. As we go, students will be posting here about their adventure in lab, on deck and in the other spaces aboard.

As this first day at sea draws to a close, the stars are out and a moderate breeze from the west carries us gently eastward over the first few miles of our voyage.

- Ben Harden, Chief Scientist

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#1. Posted by Roelfien kuijpers on April 01, 2019

So great to know you are on your voyage. Please keep sending us updates along the way. It looks like an amazing adventure!

#2. Posted by Stanley W Svec on April 02, 2019

I hope you are all well and successful in your many endeavors. My own students are vicariously enjoying your adventures from the comfort of the classroom in West Springfield Massachusetts. Most especially, my AP Human Geography class is fascinated by the opportunity you are all sharing in. We wish you all the best and send you a Bon Voyage from West Springfield!

#3. Posted by Roelfien Kuijpers on April 02, 2019

How is the journey coming along, please do send some pictures! Greetings from Brooklyn, we would love to hear more. So nice reading about the West Springfield interest in the voyage. I hope some of your students may follow in the footsteps of the current sailors!



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