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SEA Currents: SSV Corwith Cramer

November 16, 2017

True Blue, Grenada, West Indies

Jan Witting, Meghan Jeans and Robby Fidler, CRE Grenada teaching team

Caribbean Reef Expedition

After a brief five-day break, the Caribbean Reef Expedition students are back together! The next chapter of our voyage has just barely begun as we gathered at our new island home, the True Blue Bay Resort in True Blue, Grenada. This will be our base as we set about exploring the reefs and the landscapes of this beautiful island in a series of field trips in buses, and in boats, in shoes, and in fins.

Travel can pose challenges, and so it is that we’re missing two of our comrades, Timesha is back home in Barbados replacing her lost passport, and Alex is, as it turns out, was also re-routed to Barbados after a flight delay and a missed connection.  They’ll join us shortly, but in the mean time we’ll begin our work by getting an orientation to the St. George’s University right across the little cove and visible from our windows. Though most of our time will be spent out in the field, SGU will be our academic home away from home, as they have generously opened their doors to our students  to use their library and other facilities.

You will hear from us in the coming days as we report back about our exploration of the island, so be sure to come back and read about what we’re up to. Tomorrow is about orientations and introductions, some work in the pool to learn and hone our snorkeling and data collection skills, and in general getting ready for the next ten days.

Jan, Meghan, and Robby

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